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TALLAHASSEE/FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (July 23, 2019)–PRESS RELEASE–The Florida Hemp Council (FLHC) has been formed by representatives of industry leaders: Blue Moon Hemp, Blume Hemp, Evello Global, Evio Labs, GenCanna Global, Green Roads, Mission Lago Farms, Natural Life and Veritas Farms. The Florida Hemp Council is a working group of farmers, processors, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and professionals dedicated to the future production of all hemp products.

According to newly appointed FLHC Executive Director Eric Stevens, the nonprofit’s mission is to work collectively toward creating an ecosystem that will catapult the Florida Hemp industry and those who support it to the forefront as the leader in hemp production. The vision of the organization is to have all channels of the state’s economic engine represented from farmers to retailers with everything represented in between.

“This is truly a pivotal time for hemp in Florida as we formally announce the establishment of this futurist association and its founding members of trailblazing leaders in the current market,” shared Stevens. “Hemp is projected to become a multi-billion dollar industry in Florida and The Florida Hemp Council has been formed to showcase and promote the ‘good actors’ in the industry and assist the State in holding the ‘bad actors’ accountable.”

Hemp products can touch lives in dozens of ways, from papers used to the plastics that are disposed. These products can create biodegradable solutions that will save Florida landfills, forests and oceans and, of course, hemp for food and CBD.

“We want to have everyone from farmers to retailers represented as this new economy is formed to discuss best practices,” shared FLHC Vice President Jeff Greene, who added that FLHC leadership attended the June rule-making sessions held by the Florida Department of Agriculture and has retained Dean Mead to represent the Council through the process. FLHC is sponsoring the next three workshops for the University of Florida/IFAS Industrial Hemp Workshop and Field Day with details featured at here.

Stevens reported that a preliminary website has been created (www.TheFLHC.org) to share public documents and association news. A more comprehensive site be uploaded on Thursday, Aug. 1 with an official launch set for Aug. 31, 2019.

As a University of Miami graduate, Stevens received an endowment to start a study on medical marijuana policies across the United States. This expanded into his work in his home state of Massachusetts on the state’s medical marijuana campaigns as well as becoming a senior member with both United for Care and Florida for Care, to help lead the 2014 and 2016 medical cannabis constitutional amendment campaigns and implementation. He currently is serving in a dual role of executive director and director of business development at Kaycha Group that owns and operates EVIO Labs Florida, ISO accredited cannabis testing labs and the MJ Buddy App, a cannabis/hemp research, efficacy and patient outcomes tool.

News will soon be shared on the FLHC’s inaugural Hemp Conference in June/July 2020 in Fort Lauderdale and annual trade shows being produced for B2B FLHC members in north and south Florida.

To learn more about TFHC or how to become a member, visit www.TheFLHC.org to access membership documents, email membership@TheFLHC.org or call 1(833)-4FL-HEMP.

Source — Cannabis Business Times and Melissa Schiller


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