Cannabis Gifts For The Holidays: 10 Best Stocking Stuffers

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Jolly holiday tunes are on repeat, it’s finally sweater weather, and you can smell the fresh peppermint everything in the air. December is the month to spend quality time with your loved ones and spread some joy by giving the best cannabis gifts. 

As the holiday season is upon us, what better way to spread cheer than with cannabis/CBD treats? Our cannabis staffing team is connected with the best in the cannabiz, so we have the inside scoop on amazing cannabis gifts for the holidays. For this list, we’ll dive into 10 of the best cannabis stocking stuffers on the market. Last-minute shopping starts now. And, don’t be shy to grab a few cannabis goodies for yourself. You deserve it!

Apothecary Humidity Jar

Combining style with functionality, Apothecary’s Humidity Jar is perfect for storing cannabis flower. Store one of your favorite strains with this humidity jar and make your flower last. It comes with two Boveda packs, which will prevent the trichomes from drying out. And, it will ensure your flower is mold-free while keeping the trichomes sticky, preserving the quality for a fine burn. Also, there’s an optional re-writable label to help you keep your strains organized. 


Besito Indica Minis 10-Pack

One of these cute tins contains 10 hand-rolled mini joints for you to light up or gift to your friends. These indica mini joints contain 19% THC, which will provide you with a comfy, relaxed, and euphoric high. Perfect for a stroll around the neighborhood or lounging around the house, these 100% flower joints will put a smile on any cannabis lover’s face. Grab a few as stocking stuffer cannabis gifts for those who’ve made 2020 tolerable. 


Dr. Norm’s Red Velvet Therapy Cookies

Who doesn’t love red velvet cake? Dr. Norm’s version of an American classic is delectable. The 15mg hemp CBD cookies are soft and sweet with the perfect amount of rich cocoa in the recipe. And, for good measure, they also have white chocolate chips to ensure your taste buds are content. There are 10 cookies per bag for a total of 150mg of pure CBD. This may be one of the cannabis gifts on the list that you’ll think about keeping for yourself. If you sign up for Dr. Norm’s newsletter, you’ll receive 20% off.


Her Highness x Last Prisoner Project Single Pre-Roll + Lighter

Her Highness NYC is proudly partnering with the Last Prisoner Project to tell the stories of women who have been unjustly imprisoned for minor cannabis charges. The pre-roll is filled with CBD flower for a calm and relaxing body buzz. As with all of Her Highness pre-rolls, you’ll enjoy the extra-long crutch, keeping the hemp burning away from your fresh manicure. Also, it comes with a refillable lighter, so you can spark the joint whenever you need it. 50% of the proceeds will help support women wrongfully incarcerated for low-level cannabis offenses.


Jetty Extracts Blue Dream UNREFINED Live Resin Cartridge

Blue Dream is a popular legacy strain that’s been on the scene for a decade. However, the Jetty Extracts UNREFINED Live Resin Blue Dream is a novel way to experience it. Jetty Extracts uses minimal processing to preserve the intricate profile of terpenes and cannabinoids. If you know someone who enjoys a notable dark berry fruit flavor, this live resin cartridge is one of the cannabis gifts you should pick up. The UNREFINED cartridge is 100% live resin made with premium fresh-frozen cannabis that’s never combined with distillate, providing a genuine flower high. It’s built with a 510-thread battery and a sleek signature wood tip.


Lost Farm Cannabis-Infused Gummies

Lost Farm’s Cannabis-Infused Gummies are perfect edibles to take on-the-go for the holidays. These gummies are made from fresh cannabis plants transformed into an amber nectar called live resin. Combined with incredible fruit flavors that enrich each strain’s distinctive appeal, these extra-strength gummies will provide you with an uplifting experience. They come in a variety of flavors, including raspberry, strawberry lemonade, and citrus spritz. Each serving has 10mg of THC–the entire pack has 100mg of THC.


Mary Jane’s Botanicals Hemp Infused Salve

Mary Jane’s Botanicals Hemp Infused Salve is for those who prefer a natural approach to healing. Infused with organic hemp grown in Colorado, this salve is created especially for fast absorption and easy application. Crafted with organically-grown hemp of exceptional quality, this product provides you with reliable anti-inflammatory and healing capabilities. Along with the healing properties, enjoy the invigorating scents of orange, lavender, and peppermint essential oils that also help with aching muscles.


O.pen 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery

With a sleek, portable design and four voltage modes, the O.pen 20 Variable Voltage Battery gives you full control over your vaping experience. Whether you want a mellow or rich smoking session, this battery can get the job done. The draw-activated battery comes with a 20-minute rapid charger, 510 thread construction, and a “Friend for Life” lifetime warranty. Not to mention, it features a message in the design that’s on everyone’s mind. Open Vape Shop has a discount code good for 20% off any 2.0 battery through January 15–code: STOCKINGSTUFFER. There’s also a special 25% off holiday sale right now–code: GIFT25


O.pen Live Resin Cartridge

The O.pen Live Resin Cartridge pairs with fresh-frozen cannabis to accent the robust terpene flavor profiles. And, it also helps to bring out the full cannabinoid experience, highlighting each strain’s genetics. With a minimalist design and well-made construction, it’s the perfect companion for any cannabis lover. So, grab one for a friend or family member who needs help unwinding at the end of the day. The portable Live Resin cartridge is available in 500mg. 


Pilgrim Soul Original Creative Thinking Journal

Meant to be used while elevated, Pilgrim Soul’s creative thinking journal will help you open your mind to novel thoughts. The guided journal is filled with creative challenges that will allow you to see yourself and the world from different perspectives. There are over 50 creative thinking exercises that will help you flex your imagination, providing hours of fun. And, there’s even a guarantee that it will change the way you think or you get a full refund! Also, 10% of the proceeds go to Artist Endowments.


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