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Cannabis Edibles for the Best Summer Vibes 

best cannabis edibles

The golden sun warms you back to life. Beaches invite you in with a sparkle. Ice cream simply tastes better. It’s summertime. There’s no other season like it. And there isn’t one that brings the kid out of you more than this one. However, as adults, we get to make it a little better with cannabis edibles. Sometimes a lot better!  

There’s a sea of cannabis brands out there, each with a bajillion products. No worries. We got you! Our team rounded up the best cannabis edibles for summer. Elevate your play time—whether that be surfing, watching movies, hitting up an amusement park, playing pickleball, or whatever your heart may desire. Check out our selection of summertime edibles!  

binske fruit gummies

binkse Fruit Gummies  

Now available in new mylar bags, binske gummies continue to set the highest standard. That means keeping their retail partners and their customers 100% satisfied with our products. Mylar bags give their gummies a freshness promise with less packaging waste, easy to stock and display and a longer shelf life. Enjoy a burst of fruit flavor along with a euphoric dose of cannabinoids in every bite! 

Vegan, Gluten-free, Real fruit pectin. 

All natural ingredients, never any artificial colors or flavors and no added preservatives. Six flavors. Available in multiple formulations: THC only, 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC and CBN 2:1:1. 

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Bits edibles


Low dose. High function. All delicious. Bits are the accessible edible that encourages doing – without overdoing it. Five delicious flavors formulated with cannabinoids & a dash of adaptogens to add just a little bit more to all of life’s activities. A little bit of a boost when you need a little nudge to get things going. Bits edibles are ideal for socializing, gym days and those way-too-early morning hikes this summer!  

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Encore marijuana edible

Encore RSO Gummies  

The show goes on. Like a song that takes you back, Encore Edibles are all timeless hits. Finding comfort in the familiar, these terpene-enriched treats come in classic flavor profiles, reminiscent of your old-school favorites. The chewy chart-toppers. Sugary sativas, sweet indicas, sour CBD ratios, and full-spectrum RSO infusions headline the Encore lineup. Juicy and delicious, classic fruit flavors and the perfect pectin-based consistency are always center-stage. 

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Gelato last bite edibles

Gelato Last Bite Mini Sugar Cones 

Summer and Ice Cream. Gourmet-quality Last Bites make it even better with mini sugar cones filled with cannabis infused chocolate! There is 10mg THC in each in a 10-pk bag.  Enjoy these Artisanal and Handmade summer treats. Grab some to make your summer days a little more yummy!  

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Happy Fruit Raspberry Remedy Gummies  

This rosin-infused gummy is a hybrid for a calming effect and includes sweet raspberry flavors. Each serving contains 10mg of THC, 10mg CBC, and 10mg CBG with 100mg THC, 100mg CBC, and 100mg CBG per tin. Grab a tin or two to help you relax this summer!  

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Happy Fruit Strawberry Lyfted Limeade Gummies  

Happy Fruit Strawberry Lyfted Limeade Gummies include a sweet and tangy mix of Strawberry & Lime flavors. Each serving contains 10mg of THC and 5mg THC-V with 100mg THC and 50mg THC-V per tin. And each of these formulas contains our solventless terpene rich rosin. 

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LEEF cannabis infused gummies

LEEF Pineapple Cannabis Infused Gummies  

LEEF Gummies are born in the heart of cannabis, drawing from the expertise of seasoned professionals with the freshest access to unique and potent strains. Experience the invigorating Pineapple Sativa flavor, perfect for a daytime boost, fostering creativity, or adding excitement to your jog. Chew. Chill. Reset.  

Infused with whole plant live resin, vegan, gluten-free, and handmade at a state-of-the-art facility in Willits, California. 

Crafted exclusively for Leaf El Paseo, LEEF Gummies are produced in small batches. 

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LEEF Sleep Well Blackberry Chamomile  

Sleep well with our gummies crafted exclusively for Leaf El Paseo, our 1:1:1 formula is well-balanced and made to get you a more restful night’s sleep. LEEF gummies are infused with whole plant live resin, vegan, gluten-free, and handmade at a state-of-the-art facility in Willits, California. Chew. Chill. Sleep. 

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Resinate Remix cannabis chocolate

Resinate Remix Chocolate Bars  

Resinate’s Remix edible chocolate line features premium, sustainably sourced Cocoa Horizons Certified milk and dark chocolate infused with high-quality cannabis extracts. Perfect for a summer treat, these chocolates offer a delicious and elevated experience. You can learn more about the tempering process and craftsmanship behind their Remix bars in this article. They are planning a special summer discount for their Remix chocolate line! Looking for one of the best weed edibles for chocolate lovers? Grab a bar or two of Resinate’s Remix Bars.  

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Savvy Guap 

Savvy is full of passion, shaped by culture, and unafraid of change. With its large-format product line, Savvy reflects a new age of cannabis, catering to the aficionados who want more for less. Short stacks, high dose. Savvy Guap gummies are money, loaded with 25 or 50 mg THC in one big-bite-sized piece for a high you’ll crave. Taste the green in Jungle Juice or Blue Magic this summer!  

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Smokiez Sour Lemonade THC edibles

Smokiez Sour Lemonade (Sativa) 100mg THC Gummy 

Enhanced with real cannabis terpenes! Smokiez Sour Lemonade Sativa Fruit Sativa Fruit Chews are NOT YOUR AVERAGE FRUIT CHEWS™ These fruit chews taste like a zesty and tangy explosion of citrusy lemonade on a hot summer day. Grab some today and kick off summer the right way!  

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STIIIZY 100mg edibles

STIIIZY 100mg Edibles  

Not all edibles are created equal. Introducing STIIIZY’s new fast-acting Sour Weed Gummy line, designed with advanced formulas for rapid onset of effects and infused with cannabis extracts to provide a full spectrum experience. Each bag contains 10 gummies, with each gummy delivering 10 mg of THC, totaling 100 mg per bag. Available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options, these gummies come in mouth-watering flavors like Sour Apple, Caribbean Breeze, Blue Raspberry Blast, and Sour Strawberry. Grab some of the best marijuana edibles for the summer today and enjoy their limited 20% sale!  

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Verilife Limoncello Gummy Bite 

Limoncello Gummy Bites are a delightful blend of THC and CBG with a perfectly balanced 1:1 ratio and are 10mg per bite. These cannabis-infused gummy bites are specifically crafted for your self-care and inflammation needs. Immerse yourself in the rich citrus flavor reminiscent of the enchanting Amalfi coast, as each bite transports you to the serenity of a breezy seaside citrus grove. 

Enhancing your enjoyment, our gummy bites are created using Quik+ technology. This innovative process emulsifies THC and CBG for faster onset, allowing you to fully embrace the effects of your edible more rapidly and completely. 

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Summer is in full effect. Are you looking for the best edibles for socializing? How about the best edibles for creativity? Or the best edibles for watching moves? One of the products on our list should do the trick. If you think we’re missing a product, send over the link!

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