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CannabizTeam is one of the top talent agencies in the cannabis industry. We’re always looking to help the cannabis community in any way we can. From finding the perfect matches between cannabis companies and candidates to supporting restorative justice, we’re passionate about helping this industry grow. Check out the latest news on CannabizTeam right here.

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Cannabis Industry Jobs Market is Booming, According to WeedWeek’s Interpretation of the CannabizTeam Salary Guide

WeedWeek recently reviewed our 2020 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide, Q3 update and came to the following conclusion: employment in the cannabis industry is booming. Willis Jacobson, a reporter with WeedWeek, provided an update on the cannabis industry job market so far...

CannabizTeam’s Salary Guide Analyzed by Business Insider: 24 Cannabis Careers Offer 6-Figure Salaries

CannabizTeam recently released the 2020 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide, updated to reflect Q3 of this year. Yeji Jesse Lee, a writer with Business Insider, reviewed the guide and took a deep dive into the cannabis industry jobs that are currently offering 6-figure...

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