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CannabizTemp makes hiring temporary staff or consultants fast and easy. If you’re looking for cannabiz temp employees, we can help. 

Temp Staffing

CannabizTemp makes hiring temporary staff or consultants fast and easy: we handle all background checks, payroll, workers compensation, and administrative costs so our clients can focus on growing their businesses.   

Our pre-screened cannabiz temp employees are excellent solutions for cannabis companies that need seasonal workers, have short or mid-term special projects, or must fill in for employees on medical or family leave. CannabizTemp makes hiring cannabiz temp employees or consultants fast and easy: we handle all background checks, payroll, worker’s compensation, and administrative costs so our clients can focus on growing their businesses

Some of the most popular positions of CannabizTemp workers include:  

  • Budtenders
  • Extraction Technicians 
  • Laboratory Analytical Chemists 
  • Manufacturing Technicians
  • Warehouse Inventory Clerk 
  • METRC Inventory clerk 
  • Nursery Technicians
  • Retail and Customer Service staff 
  • Operations Manager 
  • Staff Accountant 
  • HR Assistant 

Consulting Services

The cannabis industry is growing fast as more states implement legislation to legalize cannabis in different ways. It can be difficult to understand and comply with ever-changing government regulations and keep up with cultivation, product development, manufacturing demand, and compliance requirements to stay competitive. 

These regulatory compliance issues are compounded by the complexities of managing a supply chain, including growing, warehousing, transportation, food safety requirements, product labeling, business plans, marketing, selling, and any other necessities that come with running a business. Our experienced cannabis consultants can provide the expertise you need. 

CannabizTemp Consultants include seasoned professionals who can provide expert advice on all aspects of the cannabis industry and manage targeted or large scale projects. 

Recent cannabis consulting assignments:

  • Assisting with license applications
  • Preparing investor decks and proposals
  • Opening large grow facilities and extraction and testing labs
  • Creating new cannabis and CBD product lines
  • Establishing a regional sales force for local businesses or large MSOs
  • Launching and improving new dispensaries across multiple states
  • Designing internal compliance plans and SOPs
  • Implementing efficiences in logistics, supply chain, and global distribution


    Read through some of our Temp Testimonials to learn what some of the biggest names in US cannabis are saying about us.

    Jushi testimonial cannabizteam

    Victoria and the entire temporary placement team at CannabizTemp has done nothing short of pulling off a miracle for Jushi.  We called them in a desperate situation and she and her entire team stepped up and delivered not only the candidates we asked for but high quality employees. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with this team again since they delivered and kept me very organized and informed throughout the entire process.

    Director of HR

    I can honestly say that we are 100% satisfied with the caliber of talent we have acquired through CannabizTeam and CannabizTEMP! Due to their excellent interpersonal skills and non-compromising results, they were, and continue to be, a valuable resource for obtaining our exceptional, talented team members!

    Kathleen, Executive Assistant

    True North Collective CannabizTemp testimonial

    I want to thank you and your team for working with us and collaborating to make True North Collective MI’s outdoor grow not just an idea, but a reality.  You and your team have been amazing to work with.

    True North Collective

    Featured Cannabiz Talent

    Week of Jan 17, 2022

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    corporate icon

    Director of HR


    Experience: 22 Years

    Expertise: Recruiting, employee relations, compensation and benefits, and regulatory compliance

    manager icon

    Director of Operations


    Experience: 3 Years

    Expertise: Daily operations, compliance and license renewal, and strategic planning

    cultivation icon

    Horticulture Expert


    Experience: 15 Years

    Expertise: Cannabis, business operations, plant genetics and breeding

    marketing icon

    Director of Marketing


    Experience: 10 Years

    Expertise: Cannabis, consumer goods, entertainment, marketing, and PR

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