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CannabizTemp—the temp division of CannabizTeam—will provide you with the temporary employees and consultants you need, when you need them. Our team makes the process simple, so all you have to do is focus on your business. If you’re looking for on-demand cannabiz temp talent, we’re here to help.

Temporary Cannabis Staffing On Demand

CannabizTemp staffing makes hiring temporary employees a simple process that will save you time. We take care of all background checks, payroll, worker’s compensation, and administrative costs so you can focus on running your cannabis business.

We’ll find your company pre-screened temp employees with the right skills to support your staff during the busy season, for special projects, or for when you need temp talent to fill in for employees on medical or family leave. Check out some of the most popular CannabizTemp entry-level worker positions:

• Budtender
• Extraction Technician
• Laboratory Analytical Chemist
• Manufacturing Technician
• Warehouse Inventory Clerk
• METRC Inventory Clerk
• Nursery Technician
• Retail and Customer Service staff
• Operations Manager
• Staff Accountant
• HR Assistant

Looking for Cannabis Jobs in the temp space? Visit our job board.

Consulting & Fractional Executive Talent

Whether you need guidance, a fresh perspective, or expert advice, our temp staffing team can pair you with the consultants your cannabis company needs. Consultants at CannabizTemp include seasoned professionals who can help you build a profitable, scalable business. Additionally, our consultants can help coach your team to grow along with the industry. Here are several cannabis industry assignments our consultants have helped with:

• Assisting with license applications
• Preparing investor decks and proposals
• Opening large grow facilities and extraction and testing labs
• Creating new cannabis and CBD product lines
• Establishing a regional sales force for local businesses or large MSOs
• Launching and improving new cannabis dispensaries across multiple states
• Designing internal compliance plans and SOPs
• Implementing efficiences in logistics, supply chain, and global distribution

Fractional executives are skilled professionals who occupy positions at the VP level and beyond within companies, dedicating a few hours per week to their roles on a continuous basis. They offer significant advantages, especially when you’re launching a business and lack the financial resources to bring on a full-time executive, or when you’re in the process of recruiting a permanent executive. The roles that companies most frequently engage fractional executives for include:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Vice President of Retail

When Can You Use Temp, Consulting, or Fractional Executive Support?

  • Extra support to prevent burnout during busy times or at the end of the year 
  • When you need cost-efficient support for special projects 
  • Your cannabis business needs a fresh perspective by an experienced expert that your team is missing 
  • Specific cannabis products are trending, and you need to meet the demand  
  • When a key staff member is out for a long period of time (e.g. maternity leave) or quits unexpectedly 
  • Your business needs to keep up with emerging trends or tech 
  • A time-sensitive project needs outside expertise to be completed successfully  
  • You need to identify solutions to issues that are growing progressively worse right away  
  • Your cannabis business needs perspective or inspiration

Want More Info on CannabizTemp Staffing?

Contact us today if you have any questions about temp talent, short-term or long-term consultants, fractional executives, or temporary cannabis jobs. One of our cannabis staffing managers will get back to you soon.

If you're looking for Cannabis Jobs, check out our job board! We post new jobs daily – both full-time and temporary positions.

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2023 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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