• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 3
  • Expertise: Implementing all aspects of the accounting department


Relevant Skills

Organizing and reviewing purchases for lab build-out Implementing KPIs for edible manufacturing Building out a new manufacturing department

Expertise Summary

  • Arya is a sophisticated Accounting & Finance Leader with experience in operations, business controls, and financial stewardship in small and large corporations.
    • She is open to relocating anywhere.
  • Arya has 3 years of cannabis experience, setting up 280E tax mitigation with intercompany charges and setting up affiliate companies that purchased non-cannabis goods and equipment.
    • She also has experience implementing all aspects of the accounting department: chart of accounts, accounts payable process with signing level abilities, accounts receivable with credit applications, sales commissions, payroll, and more.
  • Arya is a true operational leader and loves wearing many hats.
    • In her last role, she worked closely with her colleagues to build out a new manufacturing department, which consisted of organizing and reviewing purchases for lab build-out to turn crude oil to distillate.
    • She also worked closely with the equipment manufacturer for edibles to automate the process.
  • One of Arya’s greatest accomplishments was implementing KPIs for edible manufacturing that increased Gross Margin by 9% in 6 months.
    • She worked through the comparison of top-down and bottom-up calculations with manufacturing supervisors.
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