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Sr. Regional Manager
Executive & Management

GwennHigh achieving Sr. Regional Manager with proven success

Relevant Skills

Implementing new systems, executing action plans, identifying & cutting costs

Expertise Summary
  • During her 3+ year tenure at a cannabis business, Gwenn coordinated the implementation of new systems from the contract phase to the training & rollout to end user phase, including:
    • POS system, BI Analytic tools, scheduling system, intranet/internal communication system, Contact Center platform, Delivery & Logistics System, electronic in-store menu system, security camera monitoring system, queuing system, banking system, payment and debit/cashless ATM systems.
  • As a Sr. Regional Manager at a cannabis company, Gwenn revamped and expanded upon their SOPs for all aspects of the business, including Health & Safety, Security, Compliance, Customer Service, Operations, and Marketing.
    • She did so by incrementally re-releasing over 50 SOPs and work instructions, training all team members on those applicable to their jobs, measuring their impact and adoption rate, and validating full compliance to them across 18 dispensaries with 200+ team members.
  • As a Sr. Regional Manager for a cannabis company, Gwenn created and executed an action plan to reduce labor by about 45% without layoffs or headcount reductions (aside from natural attrition and strategic position backfilling), over the course of 9 months without compromising their patient/customer experience or retention rate.
    • During this time, they steadily increased their new patient acquisition and transaction count while maintaining or increasing their Average Dollar per Transaction.
  • As a Multi-Unit Manager, Gwenn cultivated the most profitable market in the US (the company had 50 brick & mortar locations) and had the highest Average Dollar per Transaction in the entire company (150+ locations) for one year in that role.
    • She opened a new location, and within 6 months, it became the highest-volume location in the country.
    • She maintained the top spot for 2 years while achieving the greatest community imprint, which was measured through local marketing initiatives.
    • This increased returning customers through brand recognition and gave her location the highest percent of new customer acquisition even in the second year.
  • As a Sales Consultant, Gwenn helped increase the product variety to double the amount of items available for purchase which increased profitability by over 20% in one year, implemented online sales for the first time in the company’s history, and built relationships with wholesale distributors in 5 new territories within 2 years.
    • She did all this while keeping cost of goods down by identifying more consistent & cost-effective manufacturers and suppliers.

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