• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 10
  • Expertise: Ensuring prompt and correct handling of payments


Relevant Skills

Booking revenue accurately and on time Handling everything from govt. contracts to patient care collection Collecting $3.5M worth of accounts receivable

Expertise Summary

  • Marlee is a seasoned veteran with 10+ years of Accounts Receivable and cash collecting experience in healthcare and government-related fields.
  • Marlee understands that cash in and out is the most important aspect of success in any Accounts Receivable role, and she has the experience to back that up.
    • She’s handled everything from government contracts to patient care collection, always ensuring prompt and correct handling of payments.
  • During Marlee’s time at a healthcare organization, she was responsible for $3.5 million worth of accounts receivable–70% in cash.
  • At a previous company, she booked over $19 million in revenue per month accurately and on time.
  • Marlee has incredible experience and is bursting with positivity, personality, and a true go-getter mentality.
    • She has a strong desire to join a thriving culture in the cannabis industry and truly wants to make a positive impact on an organization.
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