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Multi-Site Operations Leader
Cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, store operations, and regulatory compliance


Relevant Skills

Building and leading teams , Launching operations and cultivation sites, Using analysis in decision approach to change management

Expertise Summary
  • Nathaniel is formally trained, certified, and an expert in multi-site operations leadership.
    • He has 25+ years of proven experience in building and leading teams, change management, and reducing costs.
  • Nathaniel has an unbroken work history in leading the planning, deployment, development, and general management of multi-site businesses.
    • He successfully launched 3 greenfield operations and completed 1 reorganization.
  • At his current position at a cannabis company, Nathaniel launched 1 new retail store, 2 cultivation sites, and developed a wholesale distribution branch.
    • His range of expertise encompasses seed-to-sale and having leadership responsibility for cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, retail store operations, and regulatory compliance throughout the enterprise.
  • Nathaniel uses analysis in his decision approach to change management–he is a fact-based leader.
    • This characteristic carries over into matters escalated for buy-in from peers, leadership, and general matters of sustainment.
  • Nathaniel promotes collaboration and teamwork through direct participation.
    • His management style is to lead through engagement.
    • He is truly a hands-on leader that is practiced in organizational development.

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