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Regional Director
Retail and Operations

QuinnleyRegional Director with the skills to increase cannabis sales

Relevant Skills

Driving brand awareness, providing strategic direction, revenue generation

Expertise Summary
  • Quinnley is a successful and resourceful Regional Director in the food service and cannabis industries.
    • She has expertise in team leadership, training & development, customer satisfaction, procurement, inventory management, P&L, strategic planning, operations, facilities & equipment management, procedural design, franchise operations, and revenue generation.
  • Quinnley provides strategic direction and executes operational processes, leads multi-stores simultaneously, and develops and promotes managerial staff.
    • She also drives brand awareness, promotes corporate standards, conducts performance analysis, builds cross-functional teams, systematically rolls out new products and services, and identifies new opportunities.
    • She promotes operational excellence in brand standards, quality products, food excellence, and the overall guest experience.
  • Quinnley significantly increased sales, growing revenue by optimizing customer satisfaction with innovative solutions to drive performance, breaking down targets into key café-level goals, and actively assisting stores in adopting best practices.
  • As a Regional Cannabis Dispensary Manager, Quinnley led daily business operations for 24 retail chain store locations distributed across a 3-state territory that generates $160M in annual revenue.
    • She interviewed, trained, mentored, and coached store managers to complete cross-functional projects, maximize profitability, and forecast sales performance.
    • Quinnley also handled contract negotiations with vendors.
    • She was the main liaison between corporate headquarters and each delegated branch, steering multi-unit retail sales.
  • Quinnley partnered with managers to increase profits, minimize loss, exceed targeted sales goals, launch merchandising initiatives, and handle employee development.
    • She inspected all stores to optimize security processes and achieve health & safety compliance.

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