Operations Manager
Growing revenue across cultivation and production units


Relevant Skills

Writing operations manuals for licensing applications, Increasing efficiency and reducing costs, Mastering industry-specific software

Expertise Summary
  • Quinton is a seasoned Operations Manager with a focus on the retail cannabis sector, specifically in high-volume stores.
    • He started as a budtender and quickly grew with the dispensary.
  • Quinton wrote operations manuals for licensing applications and was awarded 3 retail, 1 production, and 2 cultivation permits.
    • He started the retail licenses that were awarded and was responsible for all facets of the operations, including sales, HR, training, information technology, compliance, supply chain logistics, and government relations.
  • In 2020, Quinton led store operations for a cannabis company.
    • He pivoted to add 72-hour delivery services after the lockdown notice–delivery sales totaled $1.2M+ in the first year.
  • After nearly 15 years working for the same multi-state operator, Quinton joined a cannabis facility as the Operations Manager.
    • He is focused on increasing efficiency, reducing costs, as well as growing revenue across the cultivation and production units. He truly enjoys problem solving and efficiency.
    • Being data-driven, he has deployed custom solutions as well as mastered industry-specific software, such as METRC, BioTrack, MJ Freeway, GreenBits, LeafLink, and more.
  • Quinton has expert-level capabilities in Excel and can deploy solutions using VLOOKUP, Macros, Pivots, as well as utilizing statistical tools like regression analysis.
    • He is incredibly tech-savvy and picks up on new systems quickly.

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