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Liesl Bernard Gives Tips to Be More Hireable on the Green Entrepreneur Podcast

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CannabizTeam’s CEO Liesl Bernard recently sat down with Jonathan Small, Editor in Chief and host of the Green Entrepreneur Podcast. Liesl and Jonathan spoke about how to land cannabis industry jobs, which companies are hiring, what positions are in high demand, and more in their 20 minute conversation.

Liesl and Jonathan kick off the episode by discussing how the pandemic has affected business, hiring and employment in the greater cannabis industry: “Like any other business, we didn’t quite know what was coming when the pandemic hit,” explains Liesl. “Thankfully, cannabis was deemed essential and even though businesses had to pivot, companies are still hiring in the cannabis industry – which is fantastic compared to some of the other industries out there.”

The interview continues to touch on a variety of topics affecting the cannabis job market today:

  • When companies approach a cannabis staffing agency, what are some of the current positions in highest demand? Are there certain positions that companies just aren’t looking for right now?
  • Will the need for temporary workers continue even after the pandemic has passed?
  • How can cannabis job candidates stand out from the competition in this industry?
  • How important is it to have previous cannabis experience when searching for  employment in the cannabis industry?
  • How can candidates successfully transition to the cannabis industry, especially from other more mainstream industries?

“As we move into 2021, more and more of our clients are looking for help diversifying their executive teams,” mentions Liesl. “We recently launched CT Board Placement to assist companies across all verticals in adding more diversity to their Boards.” 

The Green Entrepreneur Podcast features interviews with entrepreneurs who have found success in cannabis and are willing to share their insights and advice. To listen to the full episode with Jonathan Small and Liesl Bernard on the Green Entrepreneur Podcast, visit

Appointing cannabis executives with a diverse blend of skills and experience is a critically important decision for cannabis companies. Contact us to learn more about CT Board Placement, our new staffing division designed to help you create a powerful Board of Directors. 

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