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Direct Hire

We have a deep pool of highly qualified and pre-screened cannabiz candidates with a wide variety of skills looking for full-time opportunities in the cannabis/CBD industries.

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We Place Exceptional Talent On Demand

Working in all verticals of the cannabis industry, we’ll match you with excellent temporary hires or contract employees. We take into consideration your company’s needs and values to provide you with the best support for your urgent needs.

Jushi testimonial for Cannabizteam


Victoria and the entire temporary placement team at CannabizTemp has done nothing short of pulling off a miracle for Jushi.  We called them in a desperate situation and she and her entire team stepped up and delivered not only the candidates we asked for but high quality employees. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with this team again since they delivered and kept me very organized and informed throughout the entire process.

Director of HR

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We have hired CannabizTeam on our two most recent Executive Searches. Liesl and her team were great to deal with and the two executives they recruited for our team are now making great contributions to the continued and growing success of our great company. I highly recommend CannabizTeam.

Peter, Chairman & CEO

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CannabizTeam recently supported me in finding my next role in the Cannabis Industry. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the team was able to place me in a great job. During this unique period, the team was able to make the process as smooth as possible through their effective and timely communication.

Employee at TerrAscend

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CannabizTemp has been my go-to solution for a variety of projects for over a year now. Their attentiveness and flexibility have been invaluable in helping our company achieve our objectives efficiently and on time! What’s more, we have ended up retaining many of our temps after their contracts were up. A temp-to-hire staffing strategy with a partner like CannabizTemp is simply the way to go. I’ll never use another service.

Matt, Director of Production

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I’ve been working in Colorado’s Cannabis industry for 6 years and have worked with many staffing agencies. I can say without a doubt that CannabizTemp is the best one I’ve ever worked with. CannabizTemp found us 10 high-quality candidates that fit into our budget in less than two weeks. The CannabizTemp team is always responsive and very easy to work with. We will continue to use them for the foreseeable future!

Brayden, Operations Director

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Featured Cannabiz Talent

Week of Jan 24, 2022

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cultivation icon

Cultivation Manager


Experience: 7 Years

Expertise: Production flow, department set up, and data tracking

Director of Culture


Experience: 10 Years

Expertise: Employee engagement, policy design, payroll, and benefits

time icon

Operations Leader


Experience: 20 Years

Expertise: Improving efficiency and developing teams

compliance icon

Compliance Professional


Experience: 9 Years

Expertise: Regulatory and operational compliance

AimHigher program cannabiz staffing

Aim Higher Program

Helping the cannabis industry’s growth in both equality and equity is our responsibility. To ensure we’re doing our part, our team is investing some of our time and funds in helping our cannabis community progress. As an official partner of the Last Prisoner Project, we can help those who experienced past injustices due to the War on Drugs.


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