Why Choose Our Cannabis Staffing Agency?

Founder & CEO Liesl Bernard

Liesl Bernard is the founder and CEO of the industry’s premier cannabis staffing agency–CannabizTeam. Above all, she is passionate about people and helping companies create a competitive advantage by recruiting exceptional talent.  

She has over 20 years of global executive search and placement experience. Prior to launching CannabizTeam and CannabizTemp, she was working with Fortune 500 companies.

Her vast background in global Executive Search and Staffing with a strong focus in all verticals of the cannabis industry formed the foundation to create the world’s fastest growing cannabis staffing agency in the global market. 

Liesl and her team continually set themselves apart by their fine-tuned ability to understand each client’s business. Additionally, they take time to learn the skills, personality, and culture fit required for each unique placement.


CannabizTeam Worldwide is the worlds’ premier Executive Search and Staffing firm focused exclusively on the cannabis industry. We place exceptional talent in all verticals, including Cultivation, Extraction, Testing, Manufacturing, Retail, Compliance, and C-suite roles. Our deep database of qualified talent, proven recruitment strategies, and our white-glove customer service consistently set us apart from our competition in the industry.

cannabis staffing agency CEO Liesl Bernard

CannabizTeam Advisory Board

Jeff Dayton

Jeff Dayton

Chief Strategy Officer, Dip Devices

Annalie Killian

Annalie Killian

Director of Strategy, Sparks and Honey

Greg Avioli

Greg Avioli

Director of Strategy, Cannabizteam Executive Search

Lori Ferrara

Lori Ferrara

Founder, Treehouse global ventures

A Cannabis Staffing Agency Focused on Your Growth

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CannabizTeam places proven and experienced talent in all areas of the cannabis industry. Not to mention, we have over two decades of proven recruitment success. To help build your leadership team, we can assist you in everything ranging from management to executive search needs. And, undoubtedly, we’re passionate about making the right match between candidates and cannabis companies.

We have experience in placing talent in all sectors of the industry. This is includes cultivation, retail, manufacturing, and testing. All things considered, our cannabis executive search and staffing agency makes every effort to recruit extraordinary talent.

Cannabis Executive Search and Staffing Done Right

Hiring qualified talent for the cannabis/CBD industry can be time-consuming and expensive. On the other hand, finding the right job in the cannabis/CBD industry can be a hassle. The ongoing mission at our cannabis staffing agency is to place the right people in the right companies.

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cannabis staffing agency - ccia
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Aim Higher Program & Last Prisoner Project

Our cannabis staffing agency strives to be successful as an ideal representative of the cannabis industry in terms of fighting for social equity and equality. Our team believes in supporting restorative justice and pushes for inclusion, which is why we’ve officially partnered with the Last Prisoner Project (LPP), a nonprofit coalition dedicated to helping those affected by the War on Drugs.

In collaboration with LPP, we’ve started the Aim Higher program to help justice-involved individuals previously incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis offenses find stable employment.We believe it’s important that companies hire those who have been convicted of cannabis crimes, as they are victims of unjust laws and pioneers of our industry. Additionally, we will continue to educate ourselves and aid other organizations leading the way in the fight for social equity and equality.

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Strategic Partnerships

Our cannabis staffing agency is proud to team up with leading companies in the industry. First, we partnered with Green Flower Media, the global leader in cannabis education. Next, we collaborated with Fisher Phillips, the foremost labor and employment law firm in the cannabis industry. Last, but not least, we teamed up with the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit organization focused on restorative justice. Without a doubt, our partnerships provide our clients with real value.

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