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Cannabis Consulting & Fractional Executive Services

Cannabis consultants and fractional executives can help your  business grow and stay competitive in the ever-evolving market. 

Cannabis Consultants Across All Verticals

Highly-skilled consultants can be a perfect solution for any business challenge in cannabis. Whether your business is opening new facilities, strengthening acquired assets, or building compliance programs, Consultants can help. CannabizTeam recruiters can pair you with qualified cannabis consultants for your business needs. Our cannabis industry Consultants can help grow your business on an hourly, retainer, or project basis.

Our roster of experienced consultants includes experts that can help with any part of your cannabis business. We have former c-suite executives, CFOs, audit and finance experts, and VPs of manufacturing for Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, we have cultivation specialists, marketing managers, and regulatory and compliance directors. If you are looking for Consulting services, we can introduce you to the right experts.

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What are Fractional Executives?

Fractional executives are highly proficient experts holding VP-level and higher positions within companies. They commit a few hours weekly to their roles consistently. These individuals provide valuable benefits, particularly in scenarios where you are initiating a business and confronting budget constraints preventing you from hiring a full-time executive, or during the pursuit of a permanent executive hire. Companies most commonly enlist fractional executives for the following key roles:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Vice President of Retail

What are the Benefits of Flexible Staffing in the Cannabis Industry?

Affordability: Temporary staff, consultants, and fractional executives cost less than full-time employees because companies don’t have to provide benefits or pay for overtime and leave.

Flexibility: Flexible staffing in the cannabis industry allows businesses to adjust their team size as needed, reducing employee burnout and providing extra support when necessary.

Agility: Pre-qualified temporary staff, consultants, and fractional executives can start working immediately, without the need for lengthy onboarding or training.

Assurance: Companies can test out temporary staff, consultants, and fractional executives before making a permanent hire, ensuring they have the right skills and expertise for the job.

Get Expert Cannabis Consulting for Your Staff

Here are just some of the cannabis consultant types in our network that are ready to bring a unique perspective to your cannabis business:

  • Accounting Consultants and Certified Public Accountants can provide knowledge to cut the effects of IRS 280E. They can also assist with inventory management, audits, and interacting with investors and the public market.
  • Operational Management Experts can help to design, build, start, and optimize cannabis businesses. They can support initial assessments and planning through operationalization and ongoing management.
  • Efficiency Experts can help develop garden management systems, business processes, and technical skills. This includes project management services learned from Fortune 500 companies to decrease cycle time and cut defects, waste, and rework.
  • Marketing Professionals can support creating global brands, e-commerce platforms, and digital marketing solutions
  • Master Cultivators can assist in creating best practices to ensure the production of high-quality cannabis. Their cannabis knowledge can help bring about consistent and impressive yields.
Our cannabis consultants can also provide expert support in the following:
  • New market expansion, including cannabis license acquisition, establishing regional sales forces and standardization of operations across multiple facilities
  • Optimizing cannabis facility design and construction, systems engineering, equipment, and materials sourcing
  • Providing best in class Consulting for retail design, management, merchandising and customer experiences
  • Expanding and upgrading equipment for existing cannabis extraction facilities
  • Designing and implementing internal cannabis compliance plans and SOPs

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Cannabis Consulting Services FAQs

What does a cannabis consultant do?

Cannabis Consultants provide expert advice, business development guidance, mentorship, and/or leadership coaching. They can provide support in every sector of cannabis from cultivation to retail.

How can my company benefit from Cannabis Consulting Services?

An expert consultation can bring many positives to the table for your cannabis business. There are Consulting services for every sector in cannabis from cultivation to retail. Consultants are not emotionally invested in your business. This means they are more capable of identifying and addressing challenges. 

What are the types of cannabis consulting services?

There is a cannabis consultation service for every vertical. Here are some of the Consulting sectors available for your cannabis organization: cultivation, lab/testing, extraction, operations, retail, and business development.

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