Placing Exceptional Cannabis Talent

CannabizTeam Worldwide is the global leader in Executive Search and Staffing focused exclusively on the cannabis industry. Through our CT Executive Search, CannabizTeam Direct Hire, and CannabizTemp divisions, we place exceptional cannabis talent in all verticals of the cannabis industry. Our expertise includes Cultivation, Extraction, Testing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Compliance, Retail, Sales and Marketing, Accounting, and all C-level roles.

Executive Search

We place CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, CTOs, and senior management in the cannabis/CBD industry, building leadership teams that create a competitive edge, profitability, and sustained growth. Our personalized approach to executive search allows us to match you with candidates who fit into your corporate culture and also have the background, skills, and leadership experience to help your company grow.

Direct Hire

Our globally recognized CannabizTeam Direct Hire practice has placed thousands of highly qualified women and men in full time positions in all verticals within the cannabis, CBD and hemp industries.  Our THC staffing team places candidates from senior level executives to entry level jobs. For the full scope of positions that we fill for our clients, please see our Cannabis Industry Salary Guide.   


CannabizTemp is your resource for cannabis temporary and consulting talent on demand.  We provide temporary workers and expert cannabis consultants to meet our clients’ ever-changing daily needs. Our pre-screened temp workers and consultants are excellent solutions for cannabis companies that need seasonal workers, have short or mid-term special projects or must fill in for employees on medical or family leave.  

CT Board Placement

CT Board Placement will assist you in identifying and recruiting candidates for Board of Director positions with skills and experience that align with your strategic direction. Diversity reflects one of the core values of CT Board Placement. We aim to fill Board of Director positions with individuals of all genders, religions, and races. With our proprietary database of over 100,000 executives in cannabis and beyond, we can help you assemble a Board of Directors that will help your company grow.

Featured Cannabiz Talent

Week of Mar 8, 2021

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Regional Construction & Facilities Director


Experience: 26 Years

Expertise: Facilities and analytics

cultivation icon

Cannabis Cultivator


Experience: 10 Years

Expertise: Cultivation and branding

Cannabis Lawyer


Experience: 5 Years

Expertise: Regulatory process & securing cannabis licenses

manager icon

Chief Operating Officer


Experience: 10 Years

Expertise: Progressive leadership

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