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From seed to sale, full-time to part-time, our cannabis staffing team has your back. Remove the guesswork and create a diverse team with various skills that will help your business grow. Our staffing team will recruit with care and confidence for every cannabis industry employer.

Find full-time talent that will fill the gaps in your team and help you accomplish your industry goals, making room for bigger ones.

Hire skillful temporary employees for the busy season or special projects and don’t miss a beat. Also, tap into our experienced industry consultants and gain support for immediate issues and future challenges.

Add C-suite leaders to your staff who can inspire your employees and coach them to develop a growth mindset. Recruit the right leaders and build confident, driven employees.

We can match your company with cannabis consultants who are experienced in business strategy and problem solving.

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Successful companies throughout the nation rely on us to help them build passionate, driven teams in the legal cannabis industry for both medicinal and recreational markets.

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2022 Tri-State Cannabis Salary Guide

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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