Cannabis Salary Guide

Our comprehensive cannabis industry salary guide gives you an inside look at starting salary ranges for key roles in cannabis, CBD, and hemp businesses. The guide contains information from companies in the 33 states and Washington D.C. where recreational adult-use and/or medical cannabis is legal.

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In a fast-moving and highly competitive industry like cannabis, employers and employees need to understand the compensation levels by position and region of the country. The 2020 National Cannabis Salary Guide provides a comprehensive study of 1,000s of positions across the United States. All data in the CannabizTeam Salary Guide is derived from CannabizTeam’s job placements as well as published salary data from private and government sectors. A sample of the salary guide is listed below. 

VP of Retail

  • Oversees and manages all dispensaries
  • Ensures profitability of marijuana dispensary revenue
  • Focuses on creating effective promotion of the company brand
  • Makes sure customer experience is exceptional and consistent

Cultivation Manager

  • Manages day-to-day cultivation operations
  • Supervises all aspects of the cultivation process to finished product
  • Assists in creating policies and procedures for the department
  • Keeps accurate records of all procedure and nutrient protocols

Director of Operations – Manufacturing

  • Manages all aspects of the company’s manufacturing, production, logistics, and compliance
  • Ensures operating performance standards in safety and quality
  • Facilitates continuous improvement and quality control
  • Develops a game plan for commercial strategies

Extraction Lab Manager

  • Leads successful plant extraction
  • Supports team members with efficiency strategy, succession planning, optimization strategies, and more
  • Plans and ensures successful execution of audits for inventory accuracy
  • Experienced with Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE), CO2, ethanol, butane, propane, solvent-free extraction methods, and more


Cannabis Controller

  • Leads monthly, quarterly, and annual financial period data reporting
  • Oversees 280E implementation and 10K/10Q/8K reporting
  • Develops and implements an effective chart of accounts, financial processes, and policies
  • Lends technical and analytical expertise and assists with any preparation for merger and acquisitions


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