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Cannabis Staffing
Direct Hire

Our cannabis staff recruiters make the hiring process easy and efficient. We handle all the hiring details and schedule convenient interviews with pre-screened candidates that fit your business needs and company culture. 

About Our Cannabis Staffing Direct Hire Services

With offices of experienced recruiting managers strategically located across the US, CannabizTeam can quickly find the candidates to help your cannabis business grow and reach sustainable success. Our cannabis staff recruiter team has access to talented and skilled professionals in our database of over 100,000 candidates. 

Our direct hire services are offered on a contingency basis, so there is no upfront financial commitment. We are confident in our skills to find you the right cannabis industry talent, so fees are only due upon successful placements. 

Our Direct Hire Cannabis Staffing Process

1. We take the time to understand the needs of your cannabis business, your preferences for the direct hire role, and your company culture.

2. Our team will execute the talent search through various channels, focusing on finding the right match for your business goals, preferences, and culture.

3. Our cannabis industry recruiters will create a short-list of pre-screened talent.

4. We then schedule interviews (in-person or through video) with up to five candidates who tick most of the boxes of your hiring criteria. 

5. Then, you select the right candidate for your cannabis business, and we manage all the details and contract negotiation. 

6. We’ll follow up with you and check on the work relationship to see how things are progressing.

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FAQs Cannabis Direct Hire Services

What does it mean when a cannabis job is a direct hire?

The direct hire cannabis position will report directly to the employer, not an agency. Once the cannabis industry candidate accepts the offer officially, they become an employee of the hiring cannabis company. They will get on their payroll and benefits plan. 

What is the difference between temp-to-hire and direct hire in the cannabis industry?

A temp-to-hire is a temporary cannabis employee that is hired for a set period of time. After their contracted time is up, the company has the option of offering a permanent cannabis job to the candidate. In a direct hire scenario, the cannabis business offers a permanent position to a candidate. Direct hires are cost-effective only if you know you will need the candidate’s talent and skill set long term. 

Why should I use a cannabis staffing agency for direct hires?

A cannabis staffing team will have a greater network to pull from. They work with both clients and job seekers in cannabis and have contacts from a variety of cannabis businesses. Additionally, they will take the time to find the right candidates that fit your preferences and meet your organization’s needs. 

Ready to Recruit the Right Talent in the Cannabis Industry?

Contact us today if you have any questions about our direct hire services. One of our cannabis recruiting managers will get back to you soon!

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