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Snapshot of Our History

Liesl Bernard—founder and CEO of CannabizTeam is passionate about people and helping companies create a competitive advantage by recruiting exceptional talent.  

She has over 20 years of global executive search and placement experience working with Fortune 500 companies prior to launching CannabizTeam and CannabizTemp.

Her extensive background in global Executive Search and Staffing with a strong focus in all verticals of the cannabis industry formed the foundation to create the world’s fastest growing Executive Search and Staffing firms in the global market. 
Liesl and her team continually set themselves apart by their fine-tuned ability to understand each client’s business and the underlying skills, personality and culture fit required for each unique placement. 
Since their inception CannabizTeam has connected top talent with thousands of jobs at the leading cannabis private and public companies across North America and Europe.


Advisory Board

Matt Hawkins

Matt Hawkins

Managing Partner, Entourage Effect Capital

Annalie Killian

Annalie Killian

Director of Strategy, Sparks and Honey

Greg Avioli

Greg Avioli

Director of Strategy, Cannabizteam Executive Search

Lori Ferrara

Lori Ferrara

Founder, Treehouse global ventures

Focused on Your Growth

With over two decades of proven recruitment success, we are committed to continuing to redefine the cannabis recruitment industry by using progressive practices. CannabizTeam attracts and places qualified and experienced talent in all areas of the cannabis industry, satisfying management-level to executive search needs.

Our vertically-integrated executive search and staffing firm is passionate about recruiting extraordinary talent in cultivation, retail, manufacturing, testing, and more within the cannabis industry.

Executive Search and Staffing Done Right

Hiring qualified talent for the cannabis/CBD industry can be time-consuming and expensive. On the other hand, finding the right job in the cannabis/CBD industry can be a hassle. Our ongoing mission at CannabizTeam is to place the right people in the right companies, so both feel at home.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Homelessness remains the most challenging societal issue in our hometown of San Diego, with an estimated 8,000 homeless men, women, and children living in San Diego County. Finding compassionate and effective solutions to address this challenge is a top priority for everyone at CannabizTeam. 

To date, most local and national efforts have focused on the immediate issue of providing housing for the homeless. While we believe the efforts to provide basic housing are critical, in 2018, we decided to focus on a less discussed part of the homeless solution: job training. We want to help the homeless re-enter the workforce with meaningful employment for the long haul through the CannabizTeam AimHigher job training program–launched in 2019.

In partnership with SD Task Force for the homeless and Green Flower Media online training programs, the AimHigher program has set an ambitious goal to provide basic training for 20% of SD’s homeless by 2021 and 50% by 2025. Our core training program includes:

  • Basic skills assessment
  • Best industries to pursue based on skillset and current job market
  • Perspective on how employers make hiring decisions 
  • Interview training 

CannabizTeam supports this effort with an annual contribution of up to 5% of its net profits. These funds are allocated to assist in covering the cost of the training and providing clothes and uniforms for job interviews and the first month on the job.  

Strategic Partnerships

CannbizTeam is proud to have teamed up with leading businesses in strategic partnerships that offer real value to our clients: Green Flower Media, the global leader in cannabis education, Fisher Phillips, the foremost labor and employment law firm in the cannabis industry, and Entourage Effect Capital, the leading private equity firm focused exclusively on the cannabis industry.

Would you like to join our team?

Come join our team, we hope to hear from you!

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