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Our cannabis staffing team is here to help you find your place in the space. There are a variety of cannabis jobs available in the industry right now. Find the work you love to do. Check out our cannabis job board for the latest opportunities.

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Fresno, California
Fresno, California
Our client, an established, vertically integrated cannabis company is seeking a Controller to oversee all the accounting operations for their multi-entity operation based in
Las Vegas, NV
Our client, a cannabis hardware manufacturing company, is seeking an Accountant for their office in Las Vegas, Nevada to maintain the corporate accounting records for

What Types of Cannabis Accounting Jobs Are There?

The cannabis industry is rapidly expanding and constantly changing. One thing that remains consistent is the need for experienced individuals. Companies need to navigate the often-complicated nature of cannabis finance and accounting. Cannabis businesses require experienced accountants to manage their finances, ensure compliance with regulations, and prepare tax returns. So, getting a cannabis accounting job can be a lucrative and exciting career. 

To get a cannabis accounting job, you need a background in accounting, finance, or a similar field. Additionally, you should have knowledge of accounting software and strong analytical skills. Familiarity with cannabis industry regulations and taxation laws is also a plus. These laws and regulations are still developing across the cannabis industry. This is especially the case with cannabis compliance. So, ensure that you always stay current with industry-wide changes. 

Accounting Experience Needed

Cost accounting experience is a major plus in the space. Accounting and finance in the cannabis industry can be a complicated web to navigate. Someone with experience creating and executing high-level financial strategies would be a great asset to any cannabis company.  

If you have solid examples of how you pushed toward profitability in related industries, such as the beer industry, be sure to bring up examples in your resume and job interviews. Knowledge of accounting software, such as Freshbooks and Xero, is also highly attractive. Additionally, it would be best to know the cannabis industry regulations in your state.  

Accounting Hard Skills

From working with cannabis tax laws to dealing with a higher risk of being audited, there are many accounting challenges a cannabis business may face. Therefore, accounting expertise is one of the essential hard transferable skills employers are looking for in the industry.    

If you live in a marijuana legal state, there is likely a wide array of cannabis accounting jobs near you.  And if you do not have any professional experience with marijuana, you can still get a cannabis job. There are several soft and hard transferable skills employers are looking for in the cannabis industry. So, highlight the transferable skills you have, network, and find ways to show your passion for the space.

Tips for Your Cannabis Accounting Resume

To increase your chances of landing a cannabis accounting job, tailor your resume to highlight your relevant skills, experience, and certifications. For example, being a Certified Public Accountant would place you in a strong position. Highlight your experience with financial statements, tax preparation, and auditing. You can also mention any industry specific tools or software you use.  

Be sure not to underestimate the importance of networking when pursuing a cannabis accounting job. Attend industry events and connect with cannabis industry professionals on LinkedIn. Also, join groups or meet-ups in your area to network and learn about job opportunities.

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