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Our cannabis staffing team is here to help you find your place in the space. There are a variety of cannabis jobs available in the industry right now. Find the work you love to do. Check out our cannabis job board for the latest opportunities.

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National Vice President of Cultivation

Our client, a vertically integrated multi-state cannabis company, is looking for a National Vice President of Cultivation to join their growing team. Ideally located in

What are Cannabis Cultivation Jobs?

If you need a way to get into cannabis cultivation at the entry-level and you love gardening, the role of trimmer may appeal to you. The trimmer removes the mature cannabis buds from the harvesting plants, and this is a popular seasonal cannabis job that’s usually open, especially in legal and medical states like California, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Colorado.

The whole cannabis industry starts with a clone or a seed and a master grower who knows what to do with it. A master grower manages all grow operations—so obviously experience as a cannabis cultivator or a background in horticulture is important. Tasks include planting, germination, nutrients, pest control, and communicating with law enforcement and compliance inspectors as needed. Many master growers also hold advanced degrees.

How to Get Cannabis Cultivation Jobs

If you have a green thumb and are passionate about growing cannabis, you can get a cultivation role in the industry. The backbone of the industry are cannabis farms, greenhouses, and indoor facilities. Whether you are an experienced grower or are just starting out, we have a wide array of cultivation career opportunities on our job board. 

Building Your Experience

If you have no experience growing the cannabis plant, you can enroll in a cannabis cultivation certification program. There are also several universities that offer courses or degrees covering cannabis. You can supplement your education with hands-on experience in an entry-level job. For example, you can work as a cannabis trimmer. The trimmer role is typically a seasonal position. By working a temporary job, you can learn more about the plant, network with cultivation experts, and gain industry experience. 

For those who have cultivation skills and experience, learn how to apply them to the cannabis plant. Connect with marijuana growers to learn about the grow cycle: germination, seedling, vegetative, and flowering. You can also try growing cannabis plants on your own, depending on your state’s rules and regulations. The more experience you have, the better your chances are for landing a cannabis cultivation job in the industry. 

Learning About the Cannabis Plant

To start out, you can seek free guides on cannabis growing from reputable sources. For example, Leafly has a guide to growing marijuana. Learn everything from the four stages of growth and plant anatomy to seedling care and harvesting. Free guides will help you understand the process if you are just beginning. Taking it a step further, you can get a degree or certificate in cannabis cultivation, which will boost your chances of getting a job in the sector. Check out some of the universities that offer cannabis cultivation degrees and certificates:


Tips for Creating Your Resume

Showcasing quantifiable success is crucial to creating a cannabis cultivation resume. Mention the square-footage of the indoor/outdoor grows, how many plants you helped care for, the average percentage of THCa achieved, and so on. Also, mention any strategies you created and implemented to make the cultivation process more efficient. Explain how they made the grow process run smoothly, led to high-quality results and/or how the strategies saved the company money. 

If you are applying for entry-level cannabis cultivation jobs, lean on your relative experience. If you do not have any prior cultivation experience, present your cultivation education first. Roles like cultivation technician and trimmer do not typically require cannabis experience, so don’t shy away from applying. If you’re a hard worker, team player, and willing to learn, you have a chance at getting hired for an entry-level position.

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