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Our cannabis staffing team is here to help you find your place in the space. There are a variety of cannabis jobs available in the industry right now. Find the work you love to do. Check out our cannabis job board for the latest opportunities.

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Searching for Cannabis Executive Jobs

If you are looking for a cannabis executive job, you came to the right place. There are many C-level opportunities in the industry. With our guide, you can increase your chances of landing an interview for an executive job in the fast-growing cannabis space. There are plenty of C-level openings on our job board, which is updated daily. Check out these tips to increase your chances of getting hired. 

Define Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is how people perceive you. You already have a personal brand. Those who know you the best at work and in your personal life are well aware of it. Take some time to analyze it. What are you known for? What are your strengths? How do you lead? Refine your personal brand for the cannabis industry and come up with a unique value proposition. Once you know and define your brand, show it in everything you do. One of the best places to show your personal brand is on social media. And the most cannabis-industry-friendly social media channel is LinkedIn.  

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Executive Recruiters

Executive cannabis recruiters will search for C-level talent often. The same goes for hiring decision-makers at cannabis companies. Therefore, having a clear, consistent personal brand on LinkedIn is crucial. Recruiters will be searching for certain keywords that align with the open position they’re trying to fill. Determine the right keywords for the executive job you are looking for. You can do this by looking at job descriptions for the same or similar roles. Tools like the keyword density checker can help you find the most common keywords used in a job description. 

Use the appropriate keywords on your LinkedIn profile when writing your About and Experience sections. Also, use them as hashtags and in your title at the top of your profile. However, use them naturally—don’t overstuff your profile with keywords. By optimizing your LinkedIn profile, you will appear in more search results. 

Be a Thought Leader Online and In Person

Being a thought leader in the cannabis industry can help you get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. With a personal brand, you know what you specialize in. Be active on social media, providing education and analysis about the topics that align with your personal brand. For example, if you are a leader in cannabis dispensary staff training, give tips on your social media feed. If you want to work at a certain cannabis company, be where they are on social media and interact via comments and posts. Make sure you are positioning yourself as a thought leader in your space within cannabis with your comments and posts.  

When you are at in-person cannabis events, network with executives and leaders. Show them you are knowledgeable in a particular area. And don’t forget to exchange contact information. You never know who may be hiring or knows someone who is hiring for an executive role. 

Update Your Resume with Career Success Stories

Include career success stories from a leadership perspective in your resume and cover letter. You can follow the C-A-R structure to keep them clear and concise. Use engaging action verbs to discuss them. Also, connect your stories to the cannabis industry to show that you can apply your problem-solving and leadership skills to the space. 

  • Challenge – State the challenge for the business.
  • Action –  Discuss the action you took to address the challenge.
  • Result – End with the result of the action you took.

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