U.S. Cannabis Legalization Map

Take a look at our cannabis legalization map to see how far America has progressed and where cannabis career opportunities are today. Also, check back to see where our team expands across the nation. 

Where Cannabis Jobs Are Today

United States


Cannabis Legalization Progress

As shown above, the cannabis industry continues to expand. Therefore, CannabizTeam is constantly working to meet the demand of the booming industry. By opening CannabizTeam offices in convenient locations across the U.S., we’ll be able to help cannabis companies gain exceptional talent. Not to mention, our team plans to expand to other regions in the U.S., so stay tuned. On our cannabis legalization map, you will find locations for all of CannabizTeam’s current office locations. Susbscribe to our weekly updates, and you’ll recieve the latest news on CannabizTeam’s new offices and cannabis legalization updates. 

In the U.S., almost every state is contemplating the legislation of medical or adult-use cannabis. Take a look at the cannabis legalization map, and note which states have job opportunities in the industry. Also, please check back for updates on states that have legalized medical and/or adult-use cannabis. Federal legalization is still not a reality, but many experts believe it will happen sooner than everyone thinks. Currently, medical cannabis is legal in 33 states and 11 states legalized adult-use cannabis. 

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