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About our Executive Search Services

CT Executive Search helps companies build competitive leadership teams, focusing on C-suite and VP-level roles. Finding the right executives to lead your organization is one of the biggest strategic decisions any successful company will make. CT Executive Search’s decades of global experience and proprietary search methodology allows us to recruit highly skilled executives with the right culture fit on an expedited basis. In almost all cases, we successfully complete executive searches within 60 days or less.

Our Focus

We focus on specialized cannabis leadership functions, including C-level (CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, COOs) and other senior level roles in cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and sales and marketing throughout the industry.

Recently completed CT Executive Search positions: 

  • CFO – New York City
  • CFO – San Francisco
  • COO – Phoenix
  • VP of Retail – San Francisco
  • VP of Operations – Santa Rosa 
  • VP of Finance – Toronto
  • VP of Extraction – Zurich, Switzerland
  • VP of Cultivation – Puerto Rico
  • VP of Sales – Newark 
  • VP of HR- Las Vegas


Our proven search methodology will expedite your hiring process and find the most qualified executive for each position within your company. We work with executives in all areas of business to facilitate their seamless transition into this booming cannabis industry.


Our Process:

  • We work with you to build a profile of your ideal executive and company culture
  • We develop and present a shortlist of custom-matched executives
  • We schedule in person interviews at your office with a minimum of five candidates who meet most or all of your profile criteria.
  • You make your final selection, and we manage all the details and contract negotiation.
  • With our accelerated process, your new executive joins your team fast and seamlessly.

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