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Cultivation Director
Grow rooms, irrigation systems, and HVAC systems and controls

AlainData-driven cultivation director who builds large-scale grows

Relevant Skills

Building and overseeing large-scale cultivation, Ensuring production goals are met, Implementing SOPs and policies

Expertise Summary
  • Alain has 8 years of commercial cannabis experience. He built and oversaw large-scale cultivation, including the construction of grow rooms, irrigation systems, proprietary HVAC systems and controls, and development of all SOPs.
    • In his most recent role as Farm Manager, Alain spearheaded the development and growth of a 2-acre farm and 3K sq. ft. of greenhouse space–he implemented SOPs and policies and ensured production goals were met.
    • He also helped hire and train 32 skilled employees.
  • As Director of Cultivation, Alain addressed many structural and systemic issues.
    • The biggest project he handled was the successful expansion into four 2,700 sq. ft. light deprivation greenhouses with about 2,400 plants in each one.
    • He dialed in environmental parameters, wrote all SOPs for production, supplied proprietary strains, and helped get a new automated irrigation system online for their current indoor facility.
    • This increased yield, shaved 2 weeks off of the total cycle, increased cannabinoid content, and helped get rid of inherited pests by utilizing biological control agents in conjunction with state-approved products.
  • Alain developed a data-driven formula for all phenotype hunting and breeding.
    • He maintained 30-35 production strains and up to 150 specific phenotypes, allowing efficient operation and the ability to find unique strains, staying ahead of the curve.
  • He ensured that employees would feel valued and focused on building careers and established open and lasting relationships with vendors to acquire the best deals.
  • Alain developed an IPM program based on BCAs and systemic acquired resistance, eliminating pest and pathogen pressure issues.
    • This is maintained with data-driven points and an extensive hands-on approach, assuring it will pass all pesticide and microbial analyses.

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