Compliance, budgeting/forecasting, and improving government relations


Relevant Skills

Cultivating and implementing strategies, New business development, Maximizing profitability for the business

Expertise Summary
  • Alden is a COO and former Director of Operations for one of the most competitive and well-established branded cannabis retailers, cultivators, and manufacturers in Colorado.
    • His responsibilities included compliance, budgeting/forecasting, maintaining and improving government & vendor relations, new business development, marketing, hiring, and serving as the bridge between the executive’s vision and the staff’s execution.
  • Alden was hired as a budtender, and he became the Regional Manager within 12 months.  
    • He proved to be a powerfully effective team leader with the ability to conceptualize and deliver strategies that propel future growth and maximize profitability for the business.
    • He is a highly organized, energetic, and proactive executive with strong business acumen, exceptional communication, and a passion for quality with successful outcomes.
  • Alden started with 3 locations and through great results, opened 3 more locations, one of them being in a new state.
    • With another cannabis company, he grew the company from 2 locations to 7 fully operational locations and started to open 4 more to get to 11.
    • He cultivated and implemented strategies that generated $24M in increased revenue in less than 2 years.
  • With a background in business management, Alden has in-depth knowledge of diverse business functions/principles and believes the model for a successful business starts with people, processes, systems, and inventory (in that order).
    • He is a motivated leader who sets the example for team members, deploying a detail-oriented focus to achieve goals.
    • He is an innovative, people-focused professional who creates synergy within the team and corporate partners.

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