• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 23
  • Expertise: Making HR more efficient through organizational processes


Relevant Skills

Overseeing 800+ employees Recruiting, onboarding, and training 30 people a month Administering benefits programs

Expertise Summary

  • Amaya has 23+ years of professional Human Resources experience where she has overseen 800+ employees in a union environment.
    • She is extremely passionate about people and has a keen eye for detail.
  • Her 20-year tenure in the automotive industry demonstrates her ability to lead a large organization through organizational processes that make HR more efficient.
  • Amaya has experience recruiting, onboarding, and training up to 30 people a month for orientations.
    • She has experience handling accounts payable and receivable for 3 large retail stores.
  • Amaya has administered benefits programs, including enrollments, changes, and termination.
    • She has executed administration of life insurance, short/long term disability, and additional benefits.
    • She also has experience verifying I9 documentation.
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