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Director of Retail Operations
Leadership, manufacturing and external affairs

AndreaDirector of Retail Operations with cannabis startup experience

Relevant Skills

Builds and grow startup organizations, training new executive leadership, understands regulatory guidelines to meet key objectives

Expertise Summary
  • Andrea is an experienced holistic leader with 15+ years of leadership, cannabis, manufacturing, and external affairs experience.
    • She has developed an in-depth knowledge of business leadership through her wide variety of experience and has delivered above expectations in every role she’s had.
    • Andrea has experience in a cannabis startup and can create, design, and implement SOPs.
    • She has 10+ years of experience with Fortune 500 retail where she utilizes their structure to build and grow startup organizations.
  • Andrea’s seasoned expertise and experience wearing many hats give her the ability to solve problems from all angles and creatively deliver results with limited resources.
    • She has a track record of developing, coaching, and promoting top talent and creating a winning culture.
  • Within the first 2 months in the cannabis industry, Andrea was tasked with watching over the California market and training new executive leadership.
    • She managed relationships and leveraged vendor partnerships to enhance profitability and streamline expenses.
  • Andrea’s first-hand knowledge of manufacturing and cannabis has given her the ability to study and understand regulatory guidelines to meet key objectives and enhance overall market share.
  • Andrea has experience delivering financial, policy, human resources, and competitive reports to board leadership.
    • She has witnessed mergers and acquisitions in her last cannabis position and worked closely with treasury and the audit team to pinpoint operational deficiencies holding the MSO back from gaining additional investments and securing outside credit.

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