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Inventory Manager
Distribution & Retail Operations

ArlinConfident Inventory Manager with a proven ability to lead

Relevant Skills

Managing and scaling business , driving revenue growth, leading and managing teams

Expertise Summary
  • Arlin is an experienced Inventory Management professional with a proven track record in the cannabis industry, adept at navigating the complex and evolving landscape of the market.
    • He has an extensive background in cannabis distribution and retail operations, with a deep understanding of regulatory compliance and industry best practices.
    • Arlin has successfully managed and scaled cannabis businesses, ensuring adherence to legal requirements while driving revenue growth.
    • He is proactive in staying up-to-date with industry trends, emerging technologies, and consumer preferences to implement innovative strategies and maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly expanding cannabis market.
  • At a cannabis business, Arlin was responsible for the inventory at 2 dispensaries and had 4 employees in the inventory department–they expanded with a new dispensary, cultivation site, lab, and edibles kitchen, and 56 total employees.
    • He started a graveyard shift that consisted of auditing the stores, packaging, producing product, and general upkeep of the dispensary and cultivation.
    • He was proud of building such a reliable team of 50+– retention rate was great, and many went from packager to leadership roles quickly, building a system of accountability so everyone had responsibility for daily operations.
  • Arlin also worked for a cannabis business that did not allow the opening of dispensaries for a few months, but license owners could start their grow houses and begin cultivation of plants.
    • They started from scratch with everything from acquiring clones and seeds to the cultivation process, tracking everything with Biotrack.
    • He did not receive any warnings, fees, or complaints from the state during scheduled or surprise audits.
  • Arlin has experience working with a very strict transport process.
    • All vehicles needed to be company-owned and product surveillance was tight.
    • Arlin helped develop the standard operating procedures for transport and all inventory tracking and sales procedures.
    • He was responsible for hiring a team for the cultivation site and the dispensary–the inventory team consisted of 10 employees at both locations.

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