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Director of Brand Marketing
Strategic brand planning, creative development, commercial strategy, and brand media

ArnoldAn expert in strategic brand planning in the cannabis industry

Relevant Skills

Executing cannabis product launch, Overseeing brand identity , Developing impactful marketing strategies

Expertise Summary
  • Arnold is currently Director of Brand Marketing at a premier cannabis company, where he oversees the brand identity, go-to-market strategy, and brand innovation of 4 of its portfolio brands.
    • His responsibilities include strategic brand planning, business analysis, new product ideation, commercial strategy, compliance, brand media (digital, social, print), creative development, packaging, trade and point-of-sale materials development, budget management, and consumer insights.
    • He also manages a team of 3 direct reports.
  • Arnold oversaw the launch of a vape lineup.
    • Having identified a developing opportunity in the market, he executed this launch (including packaging development, collateral and trade materials, and digital support) in record time for the organization, from project approval to in-market date.
    • Launch sales outpaced planned estimates with the first month of production selling through in less than 2 weeks.
    • Product sales continue to outperform initial plan targets, over-delivering by 21%.
  • In 2021, Arnold led the launch of a gummies line with a comprehensive consumer and trade marketing program inclusive of paid media, trade engagement, social media, retail visual and interactive programming, e-com integration, and public relations.
    • He incorporated a market-wide budtender sampling program to drive trade support–the first time a program was executed by the organization.
    • This comprehensive launch program helped drive the most visible edibles launch for the company to date.
  • Arnold has led the growth of numerous brands across different stages as a consumer-packaged goods brand builder.
    • He’s passionate about building marketing platforms that create meaningful and enduring connections between brands and their consumers.
    • His experience in both large organizations with diverse portfolios and small entrepreneurial companies with high growth potential provided him with the agility to excel in multiple environments.
  • Outside of the cannabis industry, Arnold successfully developed impactful marketing strategies for many other brands.
    • He was the brand lead for a prominent brand in the beer industry, where his leadership helped return the brand to growth, driving a sales trend improvement of +7% after 2 successive years of decline.
    • The focal point for this work was Arnold acting as the brand champion for a new creative vision, leading the development of an iconic marketing campaign.

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