Senior Accountant
Optimizing day-to-day operations


Relevant Skills

Establishing best practices, Noticing errors quickly in accounting books, Managing tasks and deadlines

Expertise Summary
  • Aubrey is a Senior Accountant with a CPA and 5+ years of audit experience to optimize day-to-day operations and establish best practices.
    • She can clean up messy books or review accounting books and know if something is wrong whether it’s the AR/AP Aging, unapplied payments toward vendor cards, or bank reconciliations that have questionable data.
    • Looking at the balance sheet or income statement, she’ll know it’s wrong for the month if it’s not trending or has big fluctuations that need investigating.
    • Her industry experience includes nonprofit, private accounting, and most recently, vertically integrated cannabis.
  • At a vertically integrated cannabis company, Aubrey efficiently manages tasks and deadlines as a Senior Accountant overseeing 2 entities while helping out team members with entity questions, navigating the new accounting system, and Microsoft dynamics.
  • While at a private accounting firm, she’s efficient in managing people and up to 6 projects as an Auditor to get the project continuously advancing to meet client deadlines.
  • Aubrey’s proficient in Microsoft dynamics, Sage 100 fund accounting (Abila), and QuickBooks.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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