• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 4
  • Expertise: Customer service and relationship-building skills


Relevant Skills

Customer Service Retail

Expertise Summary

  • Audrey is a cannabis professional with 4 years of experience in a dispensary/retail setting.
    • She generates customer confidence and loyalty by sharing her knowledge and experience with cannabis, enabling her to drive sales.
  • Audrey worked at a cannabis dispensary at the beginning of the pandemic, and her adaptive nature led her to a promotion after just 4 months.
    • She attends trade shows, visits dispensaries, and enjoys building relationships within the industry, working to become a liaison for the cannabis community.
  • Having worked in retail for several years, Audrey developed strong acumen for customer service and relationship-building skills.
    • Audrey listens to customer needs, offers solutions, and follows up quickly to drive future sales.
  • Audrey is detail-oriented and self-motivated–skills developed by working customer service jobs while completing her bachelor’s degree in business communications.
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