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Lab Manager
Lab, extraction

AveryCaring Lab Manager bringing endless passion to the cannabis industry

Relevant Skills

Proven ability to team build, strong leadership skills, recruiting new personnel and assuring compliance

Expertise Summary
  • Avery is an experienced Laboratory Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness, and fitness industry.
    • She is skilled in operations management, management, leadership, strategic planning, and training.
    • She is a strong research professional who graduated from Colorado Technical University.
  • Avery is an accomplished Laboratory and Manufacturing professional with years of experience with facility design, build-out, and equipment integration.
    • She is an expert with a proven ability to team build and lead manufacturing facilities.
    • Throughout her time in the industry in Colorado and Pennsylvania, she has gained mastery and a robust understanding of all aspects of the cannabis industry.
  • At a cannabis company, Avery assisted with the buildout and design of the processing facility.
    • She helped with equipment procurement and installation, creation and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures, digital processing logs, maintenance logs, etc.
    • She was responsible for recruiting new personnel and assuring compliance with the applicable rules and regulations pertaining to medical cannabis.
  • Avery designed and developed processes for a brand-new Marijuana Infused Products (MIP) facility and created an award-winning process for THCa crystallization within the first 2 years of operation in a highly saturated market.
  • Avery is a strong leader and experienced at empowering everyone in the lab with positive motivation and a better understanding of overall lab processes.
    • She creates leaders on her team and provides them with the tools and skillset to become better decision makers and understand the workflow.
    • She created and implemented an employee succession plan to define clear paths for growth and opportunity, along with developing an employee recognition program–both were adopted company-wide.
  • Avery is also heavily involved and part of the Community Outreach Program at a cannabis company, where she creates and hosts events to provide additional help and funds for the surrounding communities in 2 states.
    • She works with local charities and food banks, and even implements a company-wide mental health day for all employees.
    • This level of care and passion is something Avery will bring to every new challenge and opportunity all while instilling the same values and work ethic within her team.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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