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Compliance Director
Building and maintaining compliant operations


Relevant Skills

Managing initial and/or expansion licensing phases, Helping several companies receive licensure, Ensuring compliance, writing SOPs, and conducting training

Expertise Summary
  • Baylee is a cannabis professional with a proven track record for building and maintaining compliant operations across states and license types with a focus on navigating newly legal markets.
    • She successfully managed initial and/or expansion licensing phases for various license types and companies across several states, including writing state applications and required SOPs, and ensuring physical job sites were fully compliant and ready to operate.
    • She helped several companies (facilities up to 350K sq. ft.) successfully receive licensure (provisional, licensures for cultivation site expansions, dispensary licenses, etc.) with zero deficiencies under her direct management.
  • Baylee has experience onboarding METRC for various license types across multiple states, including developing SOPs and executing training sessions, building and managing compliance and auditing teams, and onboarding secondary software systems that integrate with METRC.
    • License types include recreational, medical, cultivation, events, etc.
    • Software used includes the following: QuickBooks Fishbowl with METRC extension, Leaf Logix, and Biotrack THC.
  • Baylee has experience managing compliance programs for the creation and sale of Consumer-Packaged Goods in Cultivation, Processor, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail license types.
  • Typical responsibilities include writing SOPs and conducting training and subsequent audits related to the following:
    • Ensuring compliance of general packaging and at the point of testing, including proper sampling and manifest procedures.
    • Ensuring compliance at the point of packaging–all required test results and UIDs are printed on labels, batches are tagged with METRC UIDs according to state requirements and properly tracked for potential recall events.
    • Ensuring compliance at the point of sale, including proper ID checks of patrons, cash handling and reconciliation procedures, and record-keeping for potential recall events.

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