Head Grower
Irrigation, pesticide application, and environmental control systems


Relevant Skills

Helping clients produce better plants , Improving genetic lines , Reducing pest and disease

Expertise Summary
  • Benson is an experienced Director of Cultivation and Head Grower.
    • During his past 20 years in the industry, he has had an opportunity to experience working in different roles with various responsibilities.
    • Loving and caring for plants and people are the main drivers in his career and what he prides himself on.
    • Throughout the years, he has learned growing plants requires artistic talent, a scientific mind, and dirty hands.
  • At a premier cannabis company, Benson served as a Director of Cultivation, responsible for all of the cultivation activities at the company’s largest site with estimated revenue of $330M per year.
    • He improved genetic lines with a selection method that improved potency and yield in the majority of their cultivars.
    • Benson also improved colon rotting success rate from a company historical record of 45% to 96% (above the industry standard).
    • He improved fertigation formula and plant health, reducing pest and disease with a new IPM approach–reduction in loss brought back $3 million per month to the company.
  • Benson has provided the plants’ values to people’s lives, producing food when he was a farmer by growing vegetables and cutting flowers.
    • He helped his clients produce better plants with higher yields and become successful in their businesses.
    • He assisted one of his clients to break the greenhouse tomato yield of 105 kg/M in his country when he was a Technical Consultant–he received the award of Best Technical Consultant of the Year for this accomplishment.
  • Moving to the USA in 2013 opened a new chapter in his career. He had many successful years working as a Section Grower, managing 1/3 of the company’s growing area (30 acres).
    • He was responsible for managing all the plants’ care, including irrigation, pesticide application, and environmental control systems.
    • His company was awarded Excellence in Annuals Production of the Year.
  • Working as a Head Grower allowed Benson to train his employees and improve their growing practices, resulting in reducing product loss from 5% to 3% in his first year and 1.2% in the second year, well below the industry standard.

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