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General Manager in Retail
Compliance and METRC regulation


Relevant Skills

Increasing monthly sales, Improving sales metrics and retail marketing, Implementing HIPPA certified database

Expertise Summary
  • Boden has 6 years of experience in the cannabis space with experience working for vertically integrated organizations and retail operations.
  • Boden was fortunate to work with a large, diverse group of highly motivated individuals during his time at a farm and wellness center.
    • With proper communication, structuring, SOPs, training & performance metrics, and outreach within the community—his cannabis company received a Best Dispensary award for Outstanding Customer Service and two 2nd place trophies for Best Flower.
    • Boden’s approach is a simple tried-and-true method: treat everyone you engage with as if they’re family, and you’ll develop lifelong relationships.
  • With Boden’s applied mindset, his cannabis company grossed more than $2.6 million in annual sales–a drastic increase from $480,000— increasing monthly sales by roughly 20%.
    • He’s also managed a premier cannabis dispensary and oversaw compliance & METRC regulation, staff hiring/development, general finances, and IT maintenance.
  • Boden implemented HIPPA certified database pathways to store sensitive data entry information of all patients/clientele.
    • This was necessary in terms of scale to accommodate their ever-growing volume, where they processed between 200-300 total customer orders daily, and to efficiently track files for auditing purposes.
    • By previous comparison years, sales increased by 40.5% ($21,746,219.35 from $15,477,480.41) through improving sales metrics and retail marketing.
  • Before entering the cannabis space, Boden was an indoor grower who consulted for a startup cultivation.
    • He is familiar with most common lighting fixtures–T5s for seedlings, HIDs (HPS & MH), LECs/CMH, LED– hoods, amp setups like Galaxy, Nanolux, Helios, and also proper bulbs spectrums to stimulate adequate growth, and which phases of growth to properly adjust those spectrums.

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