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Director of Wholesale
Wholesale and Brand Development

BrentonDirector of Wholesale with creative brand solutions

Relevant Skills

Transitioning from mergers and acquisitions, developing inter-department communication, developing branding assets

Expertise Summary
  • As Director of Wholesale and Procedure, Brenton provides direct support and direction for the wholesale and brand ambassador teams across 3 states, purchasing and inventory teams for 12 dispensaries, 6 grower/processing facilities of varying grow types and lab types (indoor/outdoor & ethanol, CO2, Hydrocarbon, and solventless), and 10 different brands.
    • Some of the brands are nationally supported, and others are locally developed.
  • Brenton achieved 100% wholesale market penetration with locally grown and developed brands.
    • He also initiated and developed a lab-only portfolio to average $200K/month–85% penetration.
  • Brenton worked closely with the national and local teams from the construction phase for the opening of 5 dispensaries, as well as transitioned 6 stores brought on through mergers and acquisitions.
    • He developed individualized menus for each store, working with the retail teams and local resources to reflect the best selection, prices, and promos for that region.
  • Brenton created tools and assets to develop inter-department communication between operations, retail, wholesale, marketing, finance, HR, and compliance, ensuring that the team goals are held paramount through the collection of each team member’s efforts.
    • He believes that proper reporting and transparency can allow for advanced allocations and action by channel.
  • Additionally, Brenton developed branding assets and educational/training materials locally for all the brands in each state.
    • He worked closely with the marketing team to sponsor and promote numerous trade show exhibits, pop-ups, and other industry events.

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