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Finance and Accounting

Carlsen Successful Controller with 20+ years working in cannabis, construction, and development

Relevant Skills

Strategic planning and implementation, growth & development strategies, investing in personnel development

Expertise Summary
  • Carlsen is a Brophy and ASU graduate who held Controller and VP positions in finance and accounting for the last 20 years in construction, development, and cannabis for small to medium sized (>$120M) companies.
  • Carlsen identified and completed an application for Employee Retention Credits for 7 entities.
    • Working with outside counsel and an entity director, he successfully acquired an ERC refund in excess of $11M.
  • Carlsen is a CPA (inactive) for a large cannabis cultivator, processor, manufacturer, and distributor.
    • His responsibilities include monthly closing, reporting, audits, 280E taxes, budgeting/forecasting, M&A($30M), and banking, investor, and board relations.
  • Carlsen led various growth and development and focuses on strategic planning and implementation, leading and listening to data user needs and personnel development within his department.
    • He increased the finance team from 4 to 12 employees in his current position.
  • Carlsen has developed strong relationships within the banking, audit, insurance, debt, HR, and legal industries, in addition to his concentration on finance and accounting.
    • His familiarity with hidden costs (EMOD, bank and debit processing fees, etc.) has resulted in incremental bottom-line improvements.
  • Carlsen brings a tactical focus on cost per unit, including improvements to overhead, material, and labor, both direct and indirect.
    • He has overseen cost improvements up to 50% and is currently focused on a cost analysis/saving projects for a manufacturing operation.

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