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Financial Professional
Conducting quarterly evaluations & COGs


Relevant Skills

Managing cash flow budget, Consolidating of P&L/BS, Reducing waste for expired products

Expertise Summary
  • Charlene is a team-focused Finance Professional with 15+ years of experience ranging from startups to “big box” corporations and is deeply passionate about the cannabis space. 
    • She is a team player and leader, working best when she is wearing multiple hats. 
    • Currently, Charlene is consulting for a cannabis company.
  • As Controller at a cannabis company, Charlene conducted quarterly evaluation & establishment of Cost of Goods Sold (COGs).
    • These evaluations led the company to learn that the time/money spent raising plants from seed was detrimental to the cost per gram.
  • Charlene also managed a tight cashflow budget and communicated timely and efficiently on the status of all bank accounts, accrued expenses, and the week’s AP. 
    • She maintained 13 sets of books for all entities, including monthly consolidation of P&L/BS, for an accurate representation of company financial health.
    • Charlene wore the HR hat for employee recruitment, onboarding, payroll & benefits administration, and more.
  • Charlene conducted weekly, monthly, and same period prior year evaluations on sales. 
    • She was able to help reduce waste for expired products by 28% and right-size the tier inventory purchases by location based on what is selling.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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