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Dir. of Sales & Distribution
Revamping sales organization

ColinDirector of Sales & Distribution passionate about cannabis

Relevant Skills

Achieiving market share goals, implementing new training programs, spearheading acquisitions

Expertise Summary
  • Colin is a passionate cannabis executive with 7+ years of experience in the cannabis industry.
    • He entered the industry through his role at a beer, wine, and spirits organization, becoming the first employee dedicated to cannabis full-time, spearheading the $4B+ investment into a top cannabis company.
  • At the cannabis company, Colin oversaw the buildout of numerous organizations (operations, finance, insights, marketing, & sales) while constructing the 1, 3, & 5-year plans to be the #1 cannabis company in the world by market $ share.
  • As Colin transitioned into the sales organization full-time, he consulted with sales leadership to revamp their sales organization to position them to be #1 in market share in every format.
    • He copy and pasted various blueprints from a beer brands division, which catapulted notable beer brands to being the largest share gainers YoY.
    • Colin then took these best practices to build out the US sales organization.
  • Colin oversaw an 18-state business unit with full P&L responsibilities.
    • He personally hired 40+ FTEs across field sales & sales enablement functions.
    • He also built a winning sales organization to become top-10 in IRI $ share–all with limited A&P spend.
  • Colin additionally consulted with cannabis MSO partners to share best practices across commercial organizations enabling them to build winning wholesale strategies by state.
    • He did everything from understanding the necessary overhead needed to achieve market share goals by state & format to implementing winning budtender training programs.
    • Colin made sure all future acquisition partners were operating under the same standards of excellence.

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