Extraction Supervisor
Product manufacturing, process design, implementation, and execution


Relevant Skills

Creating SOPs, Training and hiring staff, Managing team in processing 75-100 lbs of biomass per shift

Expertise Summary
  • Corey has industrial-level production experience as an Extraction Supervisor and Senior Manager of Technology and Product Development.  
    • Passionate about science, he started his career working on the fracking team on oil fields, leading him to the cannabis industry where he started as a trimmer and worked his way up to senior management.
  • Corey is currently responsible for all product manufacturing, process design, implementation, and execution–ISO 9001:2015 QMS implementation, cGMP gap analysis, tinctures, gummies, topicals, kief, rosin, and bulk extracts
    • Corey is also responsible for creating all SOPs, training and hiring staff, helping to create production budgets and COG analysis, and being the point of contact for all vendor relations. 
  • At a cannabis company, he executed the initial planning, staffing, and training of the extraction and production facilities.
    • He was in charge of equipment selection, purchasing, SOP creation, approval, and implementation of all processes. 
    • Corey directly managed a team of 30 in processing 75-100 lbs of biomass per shift.
    • He has experience with refinement and distillation, multi-plate chromatography, butane, propane, and ethanol extraction. 

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