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Director of Manufacturing
Process development, license actualization, and facility development projects

DaveyDirector of Manufacturing leading facility development projects

Relevant Skills

Developing critical business reporting documents, Writing SOPS, building teams, hiring, and procedural development, Maintaining efficient business environment and culture

Expertise Summary
  • Currently, Davey is leading process development, license actualization, and facility development projects.
    • Working directly with the CEO and COO, he has been developing critical business reporting documents for 4 different facilities.
    • He has been instrumental in developing SOPS, construction projects, and financial reporting documents for a multi-department cannabis campus.
    • He is also developing product and marketing strategies for multiple brands.
  • At a cannabis company, Davey was Product Development Lead on all concentrated cannabis products, including live rosin, age cured rosin, bubble hash, and cold-pressed cannabis oil vapes.
    • He was instrumental in hiring, team-building, retention, procedural development, compliance, and cross-departmental functions.
    • He was also Project Manager on automation implementation projects, integrating preroll machines, curing vessels, packaging, and sealing equipment.
  • Davey was the licensed agent of record for a cannabis company’s type 6 license.
    • He passed a CDPH audit, submitted license modification documents, and maintained all internal production, personnel, and department activity logs.
    • Davey was also the company’s quality assurance manager.
  • At a farm, Davey was the Lead Acquisitions and Project Development Lead for an 80-acre multi-parcel property.
    • He was successful in applying for and installing commercial electrical services and greenhouses and establishing water usage rights.
    • He completed all phases of property development within expected and planned timeframes.
  • Davey has extensive experience writing SOPs, building teams, and maintaining an efficient business environment and culture.
    • He was instrumental in applying for all business licenses and submitting all requirements with no major deficiencies. He worked with the General Contractor, Lead Architect, and City Planner to ensure the build was completed correctly, efficiently, compliantly, and within budget.
    • He also planned, budgeted, onboarded, and oversaw all initial staff, including training, daily activity, development, and discipline.
  • Davey is a hands-on team-building lead who has a unique understanding of the complexities of operating a cannabis business from his 15+ years of experience within the cannabis industry.

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