Operations Manager
Creating and standardizing structure in rapidly changing environment


Relevant Skills

Creating SOPs and KPIs to improve efficiency, Managing successful distribution operation, Guiding teams to build on their skillset

Expertise Summary
  • Declan is an experienced cannabis professional adept in distribution logistics, operations management, team organization, and project management.
    • With 5 years of experience in cannabis operations, Declan is skilled at creating and standardizing structure in a rapidly changing environment, creating SOPs and KPIs to improve efficiency and manage high growth.
  • Declan understands what it takes to manage a successful distribution operation and is skilled in implementing ERP and WMS systems along with complex problem-solving.
    • He has a proven track record working in director-level roles for some of the leading distributors and retailers in the cannabis industry.
  • As a leader, Declan is very hands-on and takes the time to learn his team’s strengths, guiding them to build on their skillset and expand their knowledge to contribute to the overall goal and mission of the company.
  • Declan’s versatility and flexibility have allowed him to maintain a positive focus under high pressure as an Operations Director and to be very adaptable in a fast-changing, high-growth environment.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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