Director of HR
Recruiting/retaining top talent


Relevant Skills

Driving results and minimizing risks, Growing teams in an operational and cost-effective way, Driving company culture

Expertise Summary
  • Desmond is a Human Resources Professional with 13+ years of experience in all department functions.
    • He is a strategic, senior business partner executive that drives results and minimizes risk by engaging employees with positive intent, recruiting/retaining top talent, and driving company culture.
  • Desmond has had a strong focus on retail throughout his career in Human Resources.
    • He got his start in HR supporting the retail population at a clothing company throughout the US and Canada – he soon learned that retail team members are the most important asset to any brand experience.
    • Retail (both in and outside of cannabis) is its own special animal and he feels it is extremely important to have HR support that can speak the retail language.
  • Throughout his time in HR–especially with cannabis companies–Desmond has grown teams in an operational and cost-effective way.
    • When he started at a cannabis company, they had 15 employees. By the time he left, they had close to 100.
    • During his time so far with another cannabis organization, they have doubled their team via acquisition in less than 3 months. All teams are integrated and working well together.
  • Desmond’s software experience includes but is not limited to PeopleSoft, ADP Workforce Now, ADP Run, Paychex, Kronos, Kenexa, Ceridian, and Taleo.

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