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General Manager
Operations and Management

DexterHigh-caliber General Manager with 20+ years of experience

Relevant Skills

Data management, creating retail execution strategies, product launch and ideation

Expertise Summary
  • With 20+ years of exceptional CPG experience with household name brands, Dexter offers high-caliber CPG wisdom to the cannabis marketplace.
    • Dexter is an expert in the following:
      • Data Management (sales, production, finance, distribution)
      • Retail Execution Strategies (he can present this in PowerPoint to provide full transparency)
      • Product Launch and Ideation
  • Dexter’s experience and networks in AZ, CA, MA, OR, and WA are exceptional and he also has experience in the AZ marketplace ( i.e. MSO partnerships).
    • He has working relationships with several notable cannabis operators and retailers.
  • Dexter’s experience in cannabis has placed him in the GM or Director roles with several organizations.
    • He is a very hands-on leader who is as comfortable in the production rooms as he is in any board room.
  • Dexter led several cannabis organizations to achieve double-digit growth year over year and, more importantly, constant growth by category and segment.
    • His work has created some of the most engaged cannabis sales & marketing teams in CA, OR, and WA.
  • In addition to leading sales, marketing, and distribution strategies, Dexter is highly skilled with regard to multi-state operations.
    • He helped his last company expand into 9 new markets in less than 3 years.
    • Dexter has strong negotiation skills and regulatory experience that will benefit any cannabis organization.
  • Dexter also has best-in-class channel management and understands and can train and coach the process.
    • Examples: the best way to win the hearts and minds of the retail cannabis community and how to sell to regional multi-unit operations (conventional retail key accounts).

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