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Director of Marketing
Cannabis, consumer goods, entertainment, marketing, and PR


Relevant Skills

Devising creative, cost-efficient strategies, Generating major media and recruiting influential advocates, Training teams

Expertise Summary
  • Rylie is a transformational leader with extensive experience in cannabis, culture, and consumer goods.
    • She is passionate about solving problems and improving lives through innovation, education, customer focus, and brand communication.
    • Her 10+ year career as a cannabis industry pioneer and marketing specialist includes an impressive client portfolio of industry leaders with disruptive products and a track record of “industry firsts.”
  • After an accomplished career in entertainment, marketing, and PR, Rylie played a key role in moving the cannabis policy reform movement forward while working on several groundbreaking legalization initiatives and political campaigns.
    • Her unrivaled ability to generate major media, recruit influential advocates and raise millions of dollars through special events and VIP fundraisers helped to catapult the legalization movement at an unprecedented rate.
  • In 2010, she transitioned from political relations and fundraising to corporate strategy, providing expert advisory services, and guiding start-ups to success as a sought-after business consultant.
    • Using a unique combination of marketplace data, sharp instincts, and proven experience, she played a key role in transforming dozens of new and growing companies into market leaders by applying her specialist knowledge, industry expertise, strategic vision, and remarkable ability to impact operational excellence.
  • In her executive leadership positions, she focused on devising creative, cost-efficient strategies and leading teams with a strict eye on compliance to achieve ambitious goals and aggressive sales targets.
    • Results-driven, Rylie has managed teams grossing $5M per month in California alone and led expansion efforts into new markets across the country and around the globe.
  • As a public speaker, educator, and mentor, Rylie enjoys spending her spare time training teams and grooming the next generation of aspiring professionals by preparing them for the complex challenges of an emerging industry through digital seminars, conferences, and training events.
    • She is open to relocation for the right opportunity.

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