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Compliance Specialist
Drafting and negotiating commercial agreements


Relevant Skills

Designing a software platform to capture and interpret manufacturing data, Handling M&A due diligence, Representing clients in federal courts and administrative agencies

Expertise Summary
  • Edgar is an accomplished attorney with a unique combination of experience in a large law firm, as in-house counsel, and as the founder of a cannabis software startup.
    • He has an undergraduate degree in chemistry and is a licensed Patent Attorney, but his decade-long legal career has covered nearly every facet of corporate law for clients ranging from multinational technology conglomerates to single-location craft brewers.
  • Edgar practiced law at a firm for nearly 10 years after obtaining his JD and represented clients in a wide variety of industries–from pharmaceuticals to consumer data–and helped them navigate a wide range of issues.
    • He drafted and negotiated commercial agreements, including IP licenses, M&A due diligence, employment agreements, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, service and supply agreements, asset transfer, and other commercial contracts.
    • He also represented clients in numerous federal courts and administrative agencies.
  • Edgar entered the cannabis industry by launching a software startup to develop lab information management software for cannabis manufacturers.
    • He worked with a group of extraction chemists and technicians to design and build a software platform to better capture and interpret their manufacturing data and make more profitable decisions.
    • As CEO, he was responsible for all business and legal decisions, including SaaS licensing, partnership deals, strategic financing, and corporate governance.
    • He decided to sell his company and focus on a career as an in-house attorney.

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