Compliance Associate
Compliance and legal advisory support


Relevant Skills

Establishing the regulatory and oversight program, Helping create a plant breeding program, Providing compliance and legal advisory support

Expertise Summary
  • Emerie successfully renewed all 5 legacy sites for a cannabis company during the Spring 2021 renewal window.
    • This included the renewal of the cultivation site and 4 legacy dispensaries.
  • Emerie also helped establish a plant breeding program at the cannabis company’s cultivation site.
    • She worked with cultivation employees and the state regulators to designate a new room at the cultivation site for cloning and plant breeding, which helped expand strain offerings in the market.
  • Emerie provided compliance and legal advisory support for the successful launch of the company’s house brand edibles.
    • She also applied for and obtained a provisional adult-use product manufacturing license.
  • Emerie successfully renewed all current licenses in the premier cannabis market in 2021 and 2022, including the cultivation site and 2 co-located medical and adult-use dispensaries.
    • She drafted the social equity narratives for the successful renewal of 3 of the company’s legacy dispensary locations in a specific state.
    • She also submitted a successful change of control application for the addition of 2 new board members.
    • Emerie helped draft a successful change of control application and provided compliance and legal advisory support for social equity initiatives in all states.
  • At another company, Emerie helped establish the regulatory readiness and oversight program – a regulatory compliance function where she monitored relevant state and federal law changes and enforcement actions that could potentially impact the business.
    • She created a COVID-19 weekly regulatory update for the business that kept everyone appraised of the rapid law changes during the COVID-19 crisis.

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