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Quality & Operations Leader
Operations and Management

ErikQuality & Operations Leader with knack for building relationships

Relevant Skills

Working well under pressure, launching manufacturing sits, develop trusting relationships

Expertise Summary
  • Erik is a very seasoned well-versed Quality and Operations leader in the vaping industry.
    • Throughout his career in the space, he has successfully launched contract manufacturer sites capable of producing upward of 1 million pod refill kits per day.
    • He has assured the quality of finished goods is maintained at 99% consistently, doing so by leveraging contract manufacturer systems and technologies to assure all demand planning needs were met while meeting company specifications.
  • Using a hands-on approach in his leadership methods, Erik was able to develop trusting relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
    • This helped production levels increase as the teams he was involved with worked closer.
  • Working well under pressure Erik can pivot when needed for aligning with changes in company needs, abilities, and plans.
    • Efficient and agile, he is always quick to react to issues impacting operations or product quality.
    • He knows how to rally the teams and communicate effectively upward, assuring the right personnel is both notified and involved.
  • As a Production Director in the medical device industry, Erik carries an extensive amount of international experience and exposure, successfully consolidating facilities on a global scale.
    • Erik also has extensive experience in regulated industries involving ISO and FDA compliance, immersing himself in numerous external audits with consistently successful results.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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