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Business Development Manager
Leading various teams on expanding markets


Relevant Skills

Overseeing completion of new cannabis shop, Developing operational SOPs, Hiring and training management and sales team

Expertise Summary
  • Finley is a legacy member of the cannabis industry dating back to 2010. His early career focused on retail and delivery operations, adding experience in indoor cultivation, manufacturing, processing, and sales.
    • With an entrepreneurial spirit, he owned and operated a retail cannabis outlet and delivery service for over 4 years.
    • In addition to day-to-day operations, Finley also worked on the location’s initial BCC application for state licensing and the company’s first adult-use permit–both were awarded
  • Finley operationalized a cannabis MSO’s first retail location.
    • He oversaw the completion of a newly erected stand-alone building and worked with an acclaimed studio on interior design.
    • The location was featured in Architectural Digest as one of the best designed cannabis shops in the US. 
  • Finley developed operational SOPs, hired and trained the inaugural management and sales teams, and oversaw the transition of an expansive inventory into METRC.
    • He also led marketing and community outreach teams to implement brand identity strategies.
  • Finley was instrumental in the operationalization of the cannabis company’s 46,000 sq. ft. Marijuana Processing Facility permit, writing the initial SOPs and working with Compliance and Pursuit & Development teams on successfully licensing separate cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution operations.
    • He transitioned to a regional Business Development role, leading various teams on expanding markets.
    • Based out of the manufacturing facility, the role included implementing stage-gate processes for new product development and successfully launching and distributing 5 brands of manufactured CPGs.
  • In 2021, Finley spearheaded retail procurement, merchandising, and future bulk supply contracts for the launch of a cannabis retail location.
    • He continues to be actively involved with the Corporate Affairs, M&A, Sales, and Operations teams throughout the Western region.

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